Jamie Oliver’s Five Children: Inside Jamie and Jools’ Parenting Journey

"It's really tough, isn't it?"
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Jamie Oliver has been a staple on Aussie television screens for the better part of 25 years. From The Naked Chef to Jamie’s One Pan Wonders, the British Chef has become a familiar face to most Aussies. 

Whilst his delicious recipes and love for healthy food may have been what drew in his fans, it’s hard not to love the family man’s dedication to his wife and kids. The 48-year-old chef is not shy about his big family and his love for them. 

Throughout the years, his five kids and wife Jools, have continually inspired his cooking. From recipes named after them to the kids helping out in the kitchen, cooking is a family affair for this household of seven. 

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As the doting dad of five gears embarks on another busy year of projects, we’re looking back at how he and his wife Jools focus on raising their kids. 

Jamie has dished on the highs and lows of parenting five children in the past, most recently explaining it was difficult navigating the teenage years. 

“It’s really tough, isn’t it?,” he told You Magazine in 2019. “I’m not sure how good my teenage parenting has been. I think I’m still on a six or seven out of ten from my girls. Which I’m fine with. I know I was a good nine or even ten [when they were] younger.” 

And whilst he has been open about how his busy work schedule can impact his oone-on-one time with his kids, he’s also revealed he’s the one that disciplines his brood. 

“I just expect certain behaviour, really. And I don’t care if I’m liked,” he told the publication.

Jamie Oliver
Jamie and Jools have five children, whose ages range from six to 21. (Credit: Instagram)

How many children does Jamie Oliver have? 

Jamie and Jools have five children, whose ages range from seven to 22. 

“I’ve got teenagers, I’ve got eight and ten-year-olds and I’ve got a just turned three-year-old,” he explained to You Magazine back in 2019. “So I still have a child in my bed who sort of rattles around like an electric eel… but I love it. We’re a close family.”

Poppy Oliver
The eldest of Jamie’s kids is Poppy. (Credit: Insatgram)

Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver 

Born: 18 March 2002 (22 years old) 

The eldest of Jamie’s kids, Poppy, is currently at university and is a model. In 2020, when she moved away for university, he parents took to social media to wish her the best, revealing they were struggling to adjust to life without her around. 

“Every bone in my body misses you, that’s the only way to describe it,” Jools wrote on Instagram. “Can’t wait to spoil you when you come home, we are all so proud of you little legend number 1 xxx.”

“I can’t believe this young lady my first born Poppy has headed off to university, OMG where did that little girl go!?!? Emotional and exciting times…” wrote Jamie.

“I wish you all the best of luck. Good luck Pops love you so much, take this great opportunity and run like the wind!!!! Go do all you dream of… it’s waiting and hoping for you…. Love Dad x xx x.”

Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver
Daisy is the spitting image of her mum! (Credit: Instagram)

Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver 

Born: 10 April 2003 (21 years old) 

The second eldest child of Jamie and Jools, Daisy, keeps her private life largely out of the public eye, choosing to keep her Instagram account private. However, she pops up on her parent’s social media now and then, with fans believing she’s the spitting image of her mum!

Petal Blossom
Petal recently celebrated her birthday. (Credit: Instagram)

Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver

Born: 2009 (15 years old)

Petal has also been spotted on her parent’s social media accounts over the years with her mum and dad taking to Instagram to celebrate her birthday. 

Last year, when she turned 13, the pair posted photos of their small family gathering. 

“Happy Birthday Petal ! 13 years old today..??… Woop woop love you sweet pea so much….you’ve done the hard bit the next 7 years are going to be a breeze !!! Haha dad xxxx” wrote Jamie. 

Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver
Buddy is a chef just like his dad. (Credit: Instagram)

Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver 

Born: 2010 (13 years old)

The first son of the family, Buddy is his dad’s mini-me in more ways than one. In 2021, his dad posted a video of his son cooking in the kitchen at only 10 years old and fans were impressed.

Following in his dad’s culinary footsteps, Buddy launched his own #CookingBuddies series on Jamie’s YouTube channel to share his passion for cooking. In April 2024, it was announced that Buddy would be launching his first cookbook, titled Let’s Cook, on July 4, 2024. 

To accompany the launch of his first book, the teen cooking sensation is also reported to be hosting his own cooking show, Cooking Buddies, on CBBC in the United Kingdom.

River Rocket Blue Dallas
River is the youngest child of Jamie and Jools. (Credit: Instagram)

River Rocket Blue Dallas

Born: 2016 (7 years old) 

The youngest of the Oliver Brood! Jamie and Jools often share sweet photos of River and while he may be the youngest, it might only be for a while! Jamie hinted at the possibility of an additional sixth child in an interview with TV Week in 2019. 

“I don’t have much control in that department,” he admitted. “I’ve tried to put the brakes on a few times and it didn’t work. Women are very powerful, and I’m not very good at restraint or control.
“I can give you a stronger answer, like, ‘Look, five is enough. I’m struggling already to get them in the car. I can’t even have a car anymore. I drive a f*****g bus. We don’t need any more kids.’ But you would be under the idea that I have control of this situation. So, we’ll see.”

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