Jasmine Delaney from Home and Away: Who Is Sam Frost?

Jasmine Delaney is a Summer Bay resident with a sad past. But who is Sam Frost, the actress who plays her?

A spirited Aussie girl with a heart of gold – that’s Jasmine Delaney, a fictional character from Home & Away. The same can be said for Sam Frost, the multitalented actress who has played the Summer Bay nurse since December 2017.

But how similar are these two vivacious women? Are they like chalk and cheese, or is this a case of art imitating life?

Jasmine Delaney’s arrival

Jasmine arrived in Summer Bay in December 2017 during the action packed season finale. Shortly after appearing on our screens, Jasmine was involved in a fatal car accident which claimed the life of character Kat Chapman and her unborn baby and left Jasmine herself in a coma. 

When Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) discovered that Jasmine has no family, she sat beside her in the hospital while Jasmine was still unconscious. Leah taking a shine to her is Jasmine’s lucky day. When Jasmine discharged herself from the hospital in the midst of confusion, it was Leah that took Jasmine under her wing and let her know that Kat’s death was not her fault.


‘A Sad Past’

Jasmine confided in Leah that she was fleeing her abusive ex-boyfriend, David, and that this was what brought her to Summer Bay. Unfortunately, her past catches up with her. It wasn’t long before David found Jasmine’s caravan and tried to force her to return home with him. The situation escalates, and it was only Leah’s quick thinking that lead to David being apprehended by Constable Colby Thorne.


What’s next for Jasmine? 

Home & Away returned to our screens on Monday 7 January, so it may be too soon to speculate what’s in store for Jasmine. Robbo and Jasmine got engaged during the 2018 finale, so it’s safe to say we’ll learn plenty more about Jasmine as 2019 unfolds. 

How did Sam Frost become famous? 

Sam’s first brush with stardom was in 2014 when she appeared on the second season of The Bachelor. Before appearing on the show, she worked as a finance consultant.

Did she end up finding love on The Bachelor?

Sam ended up winning The Bachelor that season, and the eponymous Blake Garvey proposed to her in South Africa during the final episode. However, five weeks later the engagement was over and Blake was already confessing his love for the runner-up contestant Louise Pillidge! Sam was left feeling angry and robbed of a special milestone. “When he called it off, I said, ‘How dare you propose to me? How dare you take that moment away from me? Because I want to be engaged once, and get married once, and I want to believe in it.’ And I feel like he kind of took that away from me” Sam said on The Project.

Sam Frost
Sam Frost (Credit: Getty)

What about on The Bachelorette? 

We all thought Sam had found the perfect match in contestant Sasha Mielczarek, but after 18 months of long distance dating, the pair sadly announced their split.

How old is Sam Frost?

Sam will be turning 29 this year. She was born on April 4 1989.

How tall is Sam Frost? 

Sam is 5ft 6 inches tall.

Does Sam Frost currently have a boyfriend?

By the looks of things, Sam has found love with Dave Bashford, whom she affectionally refers to as Bash. The pair have known each other for a while, and that friendship has blossomed into a romance. Sam has described their relationship as “easy” and “effortless“, and says her new partner helps her cope with her anxiety and depression. Good for you Sam, it’s no more than you deserve!


Is Sam Frost on Instagram? 

Yes she is! You can follow Sam on Instagram at @fro01

Has Sam Frost done any acting prior to being on Home & Away? 

No! Sam had no prior acting experience before starring on Home & Away, and yet she was nominated for the Most Popular New Talent Award at the Logies. What a natural! Not everyone was convinced of her skills at first. Twitter was divided on the night of her debut, with some fans of the show saying Sam’s inclusion was an insult to trained actors. But Sam paid the haters no mind, posting a shot on Instagram that said ‘Be Brave’

“I am not afraid to challenge myself, to push through barriers. I work incredibly hard professionally & personally to constantly grow, learn and evolve. I have chosen to live my life embracing opportunities & challenges with open arms. It may work, it may not… but at least I can say I was brave enough to give it a shot” the actress said. You tell them Sam, that Logie nomination says it all!

Jasmine Delaney and Sam Frost may have very different backgrounds, but they are similar in other ways. Friendly and outgoing, both women have found love, and we only want what’s best for each of them!

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