Robert Irwin teams up with Shawn Mendes for a very adorable cause

"See you in Australia hopefully soon."
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It’s a collaboration no one was expecting – but we’re certainly not complaining. Shawn Mendes has teamed up with Australia’s own Robert Irwin for a very adorable cause.

WATCH: Robert Irwin quizzes Shawn Mendes on crocodiles

The Treat You Better singer has headed to the big screen for his animated film debut, voicing a crocodile named Lyle in the film Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.

And who better to interview him about the new venture than son of the late crocodile hunter himself, Robert Irwin?

Rob quizzed the stars on crocs. (Credit: Instagram)

The 19-year-old sat down with Shawn and fellow star, Javier Bardem.

“I thought I’d test you guys on Australia’s saltwater crocodile. My dad had a huge passion for them. We have the longest running crocodile research and, and conservation program in the world,” Robert told the actors. 

“A crocodile can hold its breath for eight hours. True or false?” he asked, to which both actors guessed “true”.

The collab we didn’t know we needed. (Credit: Getty)

“You got it,” Rob said, before asking them if it was true or false that crocs had about 45 teeth.

Shawn and Javier both guessed they had more.

“Wow. You guys know your crocodiles. That’s true,” the teenager said. “They’ve got over 60 teeth in their head at any one time.”

WATCH: Robert Irwin is emotional after 19th birthday tribute from Steve. (Article continues after video)

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His last question was whether it was true or false that crocodiles have one of the strongest jaws of any animal, to which they both correctly guessed true.

At the end of the interview, in his sweet fashion, Rob congratulated the pair on their movie, before saying “see you in Australia hopefully soon”.

Rob’s croc interview comes soon after a video tribute was curated for his 19th birthday, featuring nostalgic clips of his and his dad’s relationship.

Rob’s dad passed when he was three years old. (Credit: Instagram)

When the video ended, Robert wiped away a tear and joked: “Making me cry on my birthday.

“It means the absolute world. I just think it’s such a privilege, personally and as a family, to continue the legacy of dad,” he added.

“He gave his life, quite literally, for wildlife conservation and to make the world a better place. I just hope he’d be proud.”

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