Example calls out Dancing With The Stars in Instagram rant

"It’s not about the best dancers."
DWTS contestant Erin McNaught (R) with rapper and husband Example (L)

Very early into this season’s Dancing With The Stars season, model Erin McNaught put her tap shoes behind her and was shockingly eliminated. On the night of her elimination, Erin, 38, found herself in a three-way tie with the lowest dancing score before the judges bid her farewell.

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And, as it turns out, not everyone is happy about this decision – namely, Erin’s husband and rapper Example.

Overnight, Example, 38, commented on a post by the official Dancing With The Stars Instagram account with some choice words, accusing the show of keeping contestants that “get the most viewers for Channel Seven,” as opposed to “the best dancers.”

DWTS contestant Erin McNaught (R) with rapper and husband Example (L) (Credit: Getty.)

“I realised after my wife danced, it’s not about the best dancers. It’s about who’s gonna get the most viewers for Channel Seven. So they’ll favour their ‘biggest stars,'” he said. 

“Erin wasn’t the best but she wasn’t the worst. Don’t get me wrong, everybody on this show worked their a**es off – celebs and professionals. Having met most of them they are a great bunch who all genuinely want the best for each other.

“Sadly, the judges’ comments are inconsistent and the voting system is flawed. My wife was never gonna win it. We know that. But Channel Seven had their favourites from the start and would’ve done everything they could with editing, script, and giving judges an agenda to get the finale they wanted.”

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The Show Me How To Love artist continued, declaring that he wasn’t “here [to] vent because of my wife, I’m annoyed for everyone involved who should’ve been properly judged on their dances, not their ratings appeal and “great personalities.””

Whether Example’s comments are true, it’s worth noting that a big part of reality TV is driven by these “great personalities.” MasterChef wouldn’t have been the same without Julie Goodwin, Poh Ling Yeow or Hayden Quinn, and The Bachelor wouldn’t be the same without Abbie Chatfield and Matt Johnson. 

Example adds, “Renée was the clear stand out of the show but was made to look below-par tonight by the judges comments so it “made sense” to the average viewer when she didn’t make it through. Something has to change for the next series because nobody deserves to train nonstop for a month, six hours a day (+ sustain injuries) and not stand a fair chance of progressing. Channel Seven can get f**ked basically until they make this a fair competition.”

WHO has reached out to Channel Seven for comment. 

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