EXCLUSIVE: MasterChef winner Emelia wants to be a judge

"That's like a dream job!"
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Emelia Jackson became an Aussie household name when she won this year’s all star season of MasterChef: Back To Win. And now, the reality star admits that she’d be keen to have a permanent job on the beloved cooking show.

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In an exclusive chat with Who, the 31-year-old chef who came third on season six back in 2014 and then won the twelfth season of Back To Winsaid that she’d accept a judging gig “without a shadow of a doubt” if offered, following her guest judging stint on Junior MasterChef.

“That’s like a dream job!” Emelia laughs.

“It was so much fun being back there because a lot of what you don’t see is how much the contestants bond with the crew on set as well so it was so nice being back in the kitchen and being on the other side of things was really interesting.”

She adds: “We filmed that episode probably only eight weeks after I finished filming our series so it was bizarre to be back there but it was really lovely as well.”

Emelia says she’d accept a permanent MasterChef judging gig “without a shadow of a doubt” if offered. (Credit: Network 10)

Emelia, who runs a cake baking business in Melbourne, also confesses that seeing the talent exhibited by the kids on Junior MasterChef took her completely by surprise.

“I was so shocked, I did not expect what I saw. Even the way they dealt with the pressure – I was thinking to myself ‘I probably cried more times in this kitchen than any of you put together!'” she jokes.

As for what she made of 11-year-old Georgia who ended up taking the crown, Emelia says: “She was gorgeous. When I was there she made this beautiful lemon curd dessert and it really blew me away because it was so beautifully balanced which I know is so hard for kids when they’re working with sugar to find that sweet/savoury balance. She just did it so flawlessly – I always thought she’s one to watch.”

The season 12 winner advises any future contestants to be “as prepared as possible.” (Credit: Network 10)

MasterChef will return for its 13th season in 2021 with judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen and Emelia has some top tips for anyone who’s considering applying for future seasons.

“I definitely think if you are thinking of applying, the most important thing is to be as prepared as possible,” she says.

“It really throws all types of foodie challenges at you – my tactic was always to constantly be reading cookbooks and thinking about food and coming up with dishes. Always keep on top of your study and keep an eye on the food world – it’s like being in year 12 getting ready for exams, it’s full on!”

However, she adds that despite the pressure, the MasterChef experience is a lot of fun and any budding chefs should go for it.

“Even not winning in season six was such an incredible and fun experience and you don’t really get to have that much fun as an adult very often. It’s like finding your group of people which is pretty rare.”

Emelia has teamed up with Deliveroo and is baking birthday cakes galore. (Credit: Supplied)

Life after MasterChef has been a strange few months for Emelia who had to go back into lockdown with her fellow Melburnians earlier this year.

Aside from baking (of course) and working on “a real monster” of a cookbook that’s set to be released in 2022, the cake queen has teamed up with Deliveroo for their fifth birthday celebrations that’s available to order today (November 26th).

“We thought the best way to celebrate was to actually give people cake so we put our brains together and came up with a bit of a classic birthday cake flavour that I get asked for all the time which is white chocolate and raspberry, but done a little bit differently,” she says.

But as for her personal favourite type of cake? It’s a classic.

“I would choose carrot cake over any other cake. It’s so delicious when it has chunky walnuts and is done really well.”

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