The huge clue Holly Kingston will have two wedding dresses

We can't wait for her to marry Jimmy Nicholson!
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Holly Kingston is diving into wedding planning after she and Jimmy Nicholson got engaged last month and has shared the tips she’ll be following for her nuptials – including buying two wedding dresses!

WATCH: Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson’s engagement

Bachelor star Jimmy popped the question in August while the pair were travelling through Italy on a European escape.

Now they’re back in Australia and Holly turned to her Instagram followers for help as she prepares to get wedding planning underway.

Taking to social media on Tuesday night, the reality TV bride-to-be revealed exactly what suggestions she’s taking onboard for her and Jimmy’s wedding.

One of the biggest tips was to stock up on alcohol from Dan Murphy’s rather than splashing out for a bar tab, while others said the pair shouldn’t waste money on a big wedding cake.

But which tips will Holly and Jimmy actually put into practice on their wedding day?

Jimmy popped the question in August while the pair were travelling through Italy. (Credit: Instagram)

Holly Kingston’s wedding dress

The bride-to-be said that plenty of her followers suggested she buy her dress at least six months ahead of time to allow for alterations.

They also said she should budget for those alterations as well as the cost of the dress itself and consider picking out a second dress for the reception.

“[A second] party dress was recommended by at least 200 of you wishing you had a change,” she revealed.

Followers also urged Holly to “think about what knickers you wear” before the big day.

Holly and Jimmy will be planning their wedding with a budget in mind. (Credit: Instagram)

Holly and Jimmy’s wedding budget

They may be reality TV stars, but even Holly and Jimmy will be planning their wedding with a budget in mind and fans were happy to share a few tips.

Most people admitted to going 25 per cent over their budget and said that flowers and DIY weddings were hugely expensive.

And it sounds like Holly won’t be bothering to invite acquaintances from her Bachie days, as she was warned not to “invite people you don’t see in your life forever” as it costs too much.

People also urged the couple to budget for a wedding planner or stylist on the day, something we’re sure the image-savvy pair will consider.

WATCH: Jimmy chooses Holly on The Bachelor

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Wedding tips

Holly was flooded with more wedding tips than one person alone could count, but the bride-to-be seems eager to take the advice onboard.

“No one noticed the little things that go wrong on the day except you so don’t sweat the small stuff,” one person added.

With so few Bachelor couples making it down the aisle, all eyes will be on Holly and Jimmy when they say “I do” (hopefully) next year.

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