Irena’s adorable behind-the-scenes Bachelor insight

There was moments we didn't see between her and Locky.
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To mark a whole year since she met her Bachelor boyfriend Locky Gilbert, Irena Srbinovska has shared some info about what really happened on that fateful day she rocked up to the Bachelor mansion.

WATCH BELOW: Irena’s arrival at the Bachelor mansion

Fans will remember how the 31-year-old nurse checked Locky’s pulse and sent the former Survivor star into a tizzy but according to Irena, there was a lot more that happened during the couple’s first fateful encounter.

“As crazy as it sounds I knew in this moment that I would be there at the end with you… my forever love @locklangilbert,” Irena captioned a clip shared to her Instagram Stories of her and Locky’s first meeting.

“As crazy as it sounds I knew in this moment that I would be there at the end with you…my forever love @locklangilbert.” (Credit: Instagram/Ten)

At the cocktail party, Irena later had Locky unbutton his heart so she could take his heart rate but the Bachelor winner revealed that there was an extra special significance behind her gesture.

“What you all didn’t get to see is the meaning behind the pulse and stethoscope. I told Locky that I always listen to my head instead of my heart but coming onto the show I wanted to listen to my heart,” she added.

“I told Locky that I want the same for him and no matter what his decision was in the end I would be happy as long as he followed his heart.”

Later on in the show, Irena referred to the heart symbol again when she painted a heart on Locky’s chest during a challenge – a move that angered co-star Bella Varelis who had left a lipstick kiss mark on the same spot.

Irena swore to Locky she’d follow her heart over head on her Bachelor journey. (Credit: Ten)

To make matters even more romantic, Irena had a very special gift made for her boyfriend to mark the anniversary of the day they met.

“I got the night sky from the very moment we met on the red carpet printed for @locklangilbert…yes I know I’m a dork,” she captioned a snap of the print.

“Under these stars I met you and my universe changed forever.”

“Under these stars I met you and my universe changed forever.” (Credit: Instagram)

Earlier this week, Locky’s runner-up Bella also shared a post to mark a year since the beginning of her Bachelor journey.

The 26-year-old influencer shared a still from the moment she and Locky met at the mansion, but her ex was understandably cropped out.

“I remember sitting in the hotel room this day last year, journaling and trying to imagine what 2020 was going to bring, who the ‘bachelor’ was going to be and how much I wish I had my phone so I could call Mum,” she confessed in her caption.

“I even remember wondering where I’d be in exactly a year… feeling nostalgic and so unbelievably grateful. I re-read my journal and burst into tears, life has such a funny way of reminding you to be present and realise how far you’ve come.”

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