Jon Hamm reveals he’s not in any hurry to start a family

The actor also opened up about his career.
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Jon Hamm has appeared in the latest issue of the men’s style magazine, The Journal, by leading online men’s retailer MR PORTER

Hamm, 45, has been a common name in Hollywood for the last 16 years, most notably known for his leading role in Mad Men and had some shock news to deliver to readers about his choice of roles in films. 

The actor has always avoided roles in movies based on a superhero figure. 

“I was very hesitant to be involved with any of that stuff. It takes so long as they don’t want one movie, they want three movies with two crossovers… You’re [just] doing it for the exposure,” he said.

The Space Cowboys actor went on to talk about the likelihood of having his own family, also, saying, “I don’t know. I don’t think it’s necessarily an imperative. I’m not going to psychoanalyse myself here, but… well, never say never. I’ve got nieces and nephews and I’ve been a teacher. I’ve probably been around kids a lot more than all my friends. I feel if you shut that off entirely you calcify. You turn into that guy.”

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