Former Big Brother star Krystal Forscutt’s jaw-dropping post-baby body

Reminder: she gave birth just nine days ago.
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Former Big Brother Australia alumni Krystal Forscutt (now known as Hipwell) welcomed her third child to the world on the 25th of September – a healthy baby boy named Huska.

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But despite it basically being the norm these days for celebs to flood their feeds with hyper-filtered, glossy glimpses into life with a newborn, the 34-year-old is bucking the trend.

Taking to IG Stories over the weekend, the personal trainer shared a refreshing look at her post-partum body while wearing a tiny crop top and black-and-white leggings.

“Posed vs unposed!” she captioned the two snaps.

Krystal (pictured) flexing for the camera, her abs looking as strong as ever! (Credit: Instagram)
What a difference! Krystal (pictured) at 11 days postpartum. (Credit: Instagram)

The first pic shows Krystal flexing her biceps and flaunting her defined abs. In the second, her stomach – still swollen from pregnancy – hangs over her waistband, making it appear as though the photos were taken weeks apart.

“11 days postpartum. Don’t be fooled!” she added.

The update comes after Krystal hit back at trolls who criticized her for taking her family of five to the beach so soon after giving birth.

“I am wearing a liner (not that it’s really anyone’s business),” she clapped back to a comment on a picture of herself holding the newborn while wading in knee-deep water.  

Krystal (pictured) spending quality time with her newest bundle, Huska. (Credit: Instagram)

“Feeling a little weird having to clear this up but quite a few people [are] asking me how I am at the beach nine days postpartum and the answer to that is – black was a deliberate swimsuit choice.”

In another post, Krystal and her husband, Neil Hipwell, smile at the camera, along with their son Sunny, 5, and daughter, Nakoda, 2. After multiple questions on the matter, she was forced to clear up why her belly looked so much darker in the shot compared to the rest of her body.

A family affair! The Hipwells (pictured) enjoying a sunny day out. (Credit: Instagram)

“This is due to being out in the sun with my bump. Once my tummy starts to go down it ends up looking really dark. This happened after all of my pregnancies,” she explained.

“I call it ‘the return of the dried-up tobacco leaf,’ which is what my wrinkly tummy resembles postpartum. I’m definitely not complaining. The female body will never cease to amaze me!”

Thanks for never failing to keep it real for your followers, Krystal! 

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