Spotted! Locky Gilbert’s awkward Instagram typo

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We’ve all been there when it comes to an awkward spelling mistake, and former Bachelor Locky Gilbert is no exception!

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On Thursday night, the 31-year-old who is currently staying in Melbourne with his Bachelor winner girlfriend Irena Srbinovska, attended the Australian Open to watch Aussie tennis champ, Nick Kyrgios play.

The couple had the opportunity to sip on champagne thanks to the sporting event’s sponsor Piper-Heidsieck but eagle-eyed fans noticed that Locky isn’t too familiar with the French sparkling wine. Or at least, how to spell it.

Adventure travel guide Locky uploaded a photo to his Instagram Stories of himself and Irena sharing a smooch with his 127,000 followers along with the caption: “Champaign and tennis…Yes please.”

Thankfully, Locky recognised his mishap swiftly and promptly edited it to the correct spelling.

Champaign? (Credit: Instagram)

Bachie fans will remember on his first date with runner-up Bella Varelis that Locky confessed he’d never popped a bottle of champagne before.

“How embarrassing!” he laughed at the time, adding, “I probably should’ve practiced that before I became the Bachelor.”

His truth-bomb sparked quite the debate on Twitter at the time with viewers.

“Locky has never opened a bottle of champagne before. Are you kidding me?????” one penned on social media at the time.

However another found they too were in Locky’s boat writing: “Everyone saying how bad it is that Locky’s never popped a bottle of champagne….is that a thing? Is that bad? Am I not a real adult if I haven’t popped a bottle of champagne???”

“How embarrassing!” Locky said of his champagne popping skills. (Credit: Ten)

Seeing as though Melbourne is Irena’s hometown, the 2020 Bachelor couple have been spending plenty of time with Irena’s parents and making up for lost time.

Due to the coronavirus travel restrictions, Irena was unable to take Locky to the Victorian capital for her hometowns date but as the phrase goes, better late than never!

“We have driven over 4000km from Perth to Melbourne and finally I was able to have Irena’s hometown visit she missed out on,” Locky wrote on Instagram this week.

“Let’s just say she definitely would of been given a rose, most likely ended the show then and there.”

He added: “I feel like I fit right into the Srbinovski family already. Our first day out here and we are hiking. What more could I ask for xoxo.”

Locky and the Srbinovski family are getting on like a house on fire. (Credit: Instagram)

Locky finally met Irena’s parents Vesna and Vasco in the flesh last month when he flew them to South Australia’s Barossa Valley to surprise his girlfriend.

The foursome spent their trip wine tasting and getting to know each other in person and the special moment clearly meant a lot to Irena.

“After missing out on meeting Locky during Hometowns they finally got to meet in person,” Irena wrote on Instagram at the time.

“I have missed my family so much and these last couple of days with them filled my heart. Thank you @locklangilbert for the best surprise and thank you to my parents for making the trip from Melbourne. And for those of you asking…yes they approve and love Locky.”

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