What are your Love Island favourites like in real life? We asked Rachael Evren

"What we watch isn’t always exactly what happens in the villa."
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After being unceremoniously booted from Love Island Australia on Monday night, Rachael Evren is ready to spill the beans on her time on the show. Even the parts that might be a little intense.

“It’s just a bit hard at this stage trying to cope with it all, because it’s still so fresh,” she tells WHO in an exclusive chat after her elimination. “I did cry on national television, so I have to kind of get over that [laughs].”

WATCH: Rachael is dumped from the Love Island Villa

Though she was with Chris Graudins, Rachael was sent home in a new twist that saw two of the Islanders up for elimination, despite the fact that they were coupled-up. It wasn’t an easy decision for the guys to choose between Rachael and Lexy Thornberry – there were a lot of tears –  but in the end she was the one to be sent packing.

Chris decided to stay in the Villa, with Rachael telling WHO she “completely understands” why he didn’t want to leave with her. But, she won’t exactly be “waiting” outside for Chris, telling us that she will see where things land at the end of the show and hear his side of things. 

“What we watch isn’t always exactly what happens in the villa,” she says. “I would want to know, I would want to hear his side of it, but it’s not something I’d be jumping right into again.”

So, what does that mean when it comes to our favourite contestants? Are they really all they seem?

love island rachael and chris
Chris and Rachael were all loved-up just a few days ago. (Credit: Nine Network)

According to Rachael, Taku Chimwaza is everything fans believe him to be.

“Honestly, as soon as they said ‘Australia has been voting for a fan-favourite,’ I knew it was Taku. He’s such a sweetheart, you can’t fault that boy at all,” Rachael says. “He’s perfect in every way, shape, and form. He’s friends with everyone, he wears his heart on his sleeve, and he’s a real genuine guy.

“I know straight away if I’m going to be friends with a guy or not and Mitch, Taku and Ryan were three guys I picked straight away that I was like ‘yeah, I’m going to be friends with you guys, there’s nothing more going to be there.’ But Taku is a sweetheart and I really do hope if anyone finds love in there that it’ll be him.”

So far, Taku has been rather unlucky in love. Despite an almost-romance with Jess Velkovski (she later went back to liking Aaron Waters) and some light flirtation with Ari Kumar, Taku is yet to be coupled-up with someone he shares a true ‘connection’ with.

When we ask if she hopes they’ll send in someone better suited, Rachael answers “one thousand percent.”

“Like I said before, if anyone finds love in that place, I really just hope it’s him. I know Jess was backwards and forwards with Taku and that wasn’t okay – but in saying that, Aaron and Jess are my favourite couple at the moment, I think they’re actually very genuine and sweet together as well.”

taku and rachael
Rachael calls Taku a “sweetheart.” (Credit: Nine Network)

As for another major plot point this week, Rachael reveals she was firmly Team Emily in the Emily Ward + Mitch Hibberd + Tina Provis love triangle.

“Emily and I are really good friends, we knew each other on the outside. As soon as we got in there, I always stuck by her side and made sure she could follow her heart,” Rachael says.

“Honestly, I think Mitch just needs to get his head together, he needs to know what he wants. I do find Emily and Mitch a much more compatible couple than Mitch and Tina, but I do think Mitch and Tina do get along very well.”

Though she’s no longer in the villa to help make it happen, Rachael could enjoy watching on as two of her friends get together this week. Emily and Taku are looking like a potential match to couple-up, after Mitch chose Tina on Tuesday night’s episode.

taku and emily
Could Taku and Emily be the next hot couple in the Villa? (Credit: Instagram)

As for Lexy Thornberry and Ryan Reid, one of the Villa’s more established couples, Rachael has her doubts.

“I don’t think Ryan and Lexy are being completely honest with each other in regards to their relationship and things they’ve done in the past and all that, so I feel like they’ll be good in the villa, but on the outside I don’t see it personally working,” she admits.

Consider us intrigued, Rachael. VERY intrigued.

Love Island Australia airs Monday to Thursday, 8:45pm on Nine.

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