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Married At First Sight contestants and Instagram accounts go hand in hand. So you can bet the class of 2021 are all over the social media site.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Mick asks Jess if she’s “just here for the Instagram likes”

These brides and grooms have shared plenty of snaps from their personal and professional lives online and it would be rude not to give them a stalk.

For everyone curious about the 2021 cast, we’ve rounded up all their Instagram handles for your viewing pleasure. Happy stalking!

Hot teacher Alana knows her angles. (Credit: Instagram)

Alana – @alana.lister

With over a thousand followers, Alana’s Instagram is full to the brim of stunning photos of herself.

None of our teachers ever looked this good…

Belinda is hair goals! (Credit: Instagram)

Belinda – @belindavickers_

We love Belinda’s glorious curls and she loves showing them off on Instagram too.

In her bio, the 28-year-old describes herself as “confident, energetic and quirky.”

Beth’s bio says she’s “genuine, big-hearted and passionate”. (Credit: Instagram)

Beth – @bettyrawmoore

Describing herself as “genuine, big-hearted and passionate” in her bio, retail worker Beth loves her sunset pics on Insta.

The 39-year-old also has plenty of snaps from her travels over the years.

Booka’s Instagram is a sight to behold. (Credit: Instagram)

Booka – @bookanile

As a member of heavy metal band Make Them Suffer, you can bet Booka has some cool things to share.

She also has over 20,000 followers so she’s one of the more Insta famous 2021 contestants.

Funny, funky, furry. (Credit: Instagram)

Brett – @fatman_scube

If you fancy a laugh, head over to Brett’s Instagram page.

We’re also big fans of the handle and how he describes himself as funny, funky and furry.

DJ Bryce reporting for duty. (Credit: Instagram)

Bryce – @bryceruthven

A lad about town, Bryce has had some fun outings according to his Instagram.

He’s also a radio host on Canberra’s Hit 104.7 so there are plenty of shots from inside the recording studio.

Cameron’s one of the lads! (Credit: Instagram)

Cameron – @cameron_dunne

One of the lads! 

Cameron loves uploading snaps of nights out with his best bros as well as the odd childhood throwback.

We could stalk Coco for days. (Credit: Instagram)

Coco – @peaceloveandcoco

As a Pilates studio owner, you’d expect Coco to have an enviable rig, and her Instagram proves it!

The fitness enthusiast also loves a poignant caption so prepare to feel inspired after this stalk.

James loves the finer things in life. (Credit: Instagram)

James – @jamessusler

Whether he’s flainting his Louis Vuitton goodies or jetski adventures, it’s safe to say James enjoys his luxury lifestyle.

There are also some very cute photos of his kids – what do you expect from a proud dad?

Nice tats, Jake. (Credit: Instagram)

Jake – @jake_edwards_official

This former AFL player uses his platform to spread the word about mental health.

He’s also a bit of a tattoo aficionado so feel free to check out his ink.

Party boy Jason doesn’t mind showing off his bod on social media. (Credit: Instagram)

Jason – @jasonengler_

He’s a self confessed party animal and perhaps he should also describe himself as a budgy smuggler enthusiast.

Ah well, we doubt too many people will complain about the shirtless pics.

Stunner alert! (Credit: Instagram)

Jo – @jotodd9

This hot mama knows how to take a selfie!

Mum-of-three Jo may not have heaps of Instagram photos, but it’s all about quality over quantity.

Melissa has had plenty of adventures and achievements. (Credit: Instagram)

Melissa – @lissrawson

Whether she’s celebrating her house purchase, cuddling with pooches Marli and Murphy or travelling the world (pre-COVID of course), Melissa knows how to have a good time.

This bride even documented her 30 bucket list items she ticked off before turning 30.

Powerlifting Patrick. (Credit: Instagram)

Patrick – @patrickdwyer_official

He may look sweet and innocent but never forget that Patrick is one buff PT.

Prepare for some serious fitspo when you check out his feed.

Strike a pose. (Credit: Instagram)

Rebecca – @beckzemek

Hot bikini photos, picturesque sunsets and poolside hangouts – Rebecca’s Instagram is one aesthetically pleasing profile.

With over 2,000 ahead of the finale, she’s bound to get more as the series progresses.

One of the few photos of Russell on his Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

Russell – @rustyduance

If his Instagram is anything to go by, Russell loves a good pub feed and his bike.

Let’s hope his bride likes a good steak.

Sam and his pooch staring pensively into the distance. (Credit: Instagram)

Sam – @samcarraro7 / @grouse_mouse

Yep, this guy has two accounts to keep track of.

The first is his personal account with plenty of mirror selfies whilst the second is his fashion label.

Samantha likes to show off her glam selfies. (Credit: Instagram)

Samantha – @sjkovu

“You won’t be seeing me flogging vibrators and gym meals,” Samantha joked in one of her earlier posts this year.

Instead, expect to see some glamorous selfies, snaps from her property development career and pictures of her beloved sons.

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