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My Kitchen Rules‘ Manu Feildel could be forgiven for packing on the pounds in his line of work, however the TV chef has been on a three-month mission to improve his fitness – and his hard work has paid off! 

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Manu has shed an impressive 12kg after teaming up with with SKWOD‘s Chief Brabon on a 12-week program to banish his dad bod. 

Speaking to Men’s Health, the celebrity transformation coach revealed that Manu had originally tipped the scaled at 107kg, and had managed to lose 20 per cent of his body fat after the program. 

Manu weighed in at 107kgs when he started with us, and had a body fat percentage of 31 per cent,” Chief told the publication. 

“After his initial 12 weeks he had shed more than 16kgs of fat, and had added around four kgs of lean muscle, bringing his body fat percentage in under 20 per cent,” he added. 

Manu has changed his appearance through exercise and diet changes

The trainer went on to reveal exactly how the TV chef made the impressive changes – and it involved some hardcore training sessions.

“Manu and his wife Clarissa started with five x 45min DARC-based sessions a week. Each session combined functional resistance training (Kettlebells, Landmine, Dumbbells, Body Weight etc) with HIIT. He would do three to four strength exercises with me, then three to four intervals with Emilie, before head back to me,” he said. 

Manu shared his impressive weight loss with his fans (Credit: Instagram )

He also revealed how Manu changed his eating habits, ditching “all alcohol, processed sugars, and starchy carbs, while increasing his intake of green leafy vegetables and lean meats.”

While he said Manu usually sticks to a simple eating plan, his MKR commitments sometimes got in the way. 

“When he’s judging MKR he is required to taste every dish presented by the contestants. As you can imagine, these types of dishes were more often than not either quite rich, or particularly sweet etc,” the celebrity trainer added.

Manu is clearly impressed with his results, and took to his Instagram on Wednesday to show fans his weight loss. 

“MKR series 10 vs MKR series 11, no words needed,” Manu captioned a side-by-side photo of his impressive results.

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