All the clues about this year’s MAFS cheating scandal

It wouldn't be the show without a couple swap.
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Cheese and wine, Hamish and Andy, Married At First Sight and couple swaps – some combinations never go out of style.

With the new season kicking off, Nine has already given a hint to audiences of a cheating scandal to come and fans are convinced they know who it involves.

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WATCH BELOW: MAFS 2021 hints at cheating scandal in teaser trailer

In a teaser trailer for the the current season, one clip that featured an unknown couple sitting on the couch, the man’s hand on the woman’s leg, stood out to audiences. 

“Temptation will beckon”, the show’s narrator says in a voiceover.

On top of that, the bride in question can be heard saying: “There’s definitely that spark, and I wish the experts had matched us.

“Temptation will beckon.” (Credit: Nine)

Whilst audiences can’t see the faces of the scandalous couple, some eagle-eyed fans think they’ve already cracked it.

The man at the centre of the cheating scandal has a large tattoo on his bicep and thanks to Instagram digging, fans have noticed that groom Cameron Dunne has that very tattoo.

It seems that despite his dreamy wedding to Samantha Harvey, there’s trouble in paradise ahead for Cameron.

In an exclusive chat with New Idea, Cameron also revealed that he’s living with former MAFS bride Jessika Power, hinting that his reality TV marriage hasn’t worked out.

“Jess is actually my housemate – we currently live together on the Gold Coast,” he revealed.

“When I needed a place to stay, it just came up that she was able to take me in. I’m quite close to her brother, Rhyce, so it kind of just happened from there.”

Cameron’s tattoo matches up. (Credit: Instagram/Nine)

As for the woman at the centre of this mystery cheating scandal, the answer isn’t as clear but viewers reckon one bride is going to be involved down the track.

Early money is on Coco having an affair,” one person penned on Twitter following her TV wedding to Sam.

“I’m calling it – Sam and Coco most hated couple this season and the couple most likely to cheat on each other,” remarked another.

Since Coco and Cameron’s bride Samantha clashed during the first time they met, it doesn’t bode well if the three get involved in a love triangle.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what drama unfolds.

Could Coco be the woman in the midst of the cheating scandal? (Credit: Nine)

In a chat with Nine, Coco confessed that she had never cheated in a relationship.

“I am loyal to the soil baby!” she stated.

Before her TV marriage, the controversial bride was married in real life but she and her husband split after six months of marriage and there were reportedly issues between Coco and her mother-in-law.

“He was a beautiful beautiful beautiful soul and I wish him nothing but the best in life but you sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead and I chose my career.”

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