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Lucky in love or set to be single?
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Over the years, we’ve seen an array of Married At First Sight characters. From shy introverts looking for love to downright cheating villains, you can bet there won’t be any plain Janes taking part in the controversial reality TV experiment.

Now in its eighth season, you can bet that the upcoming class of 2021 will be no different.

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This year, the contestants come from all sorts of backgrounds and around the country but with one common goal – to find their person.

We’re also meeting new expert Alessandra Rampolla – a Puerto Rican sexologist and TV presenter who has replaced Dr Trisha Stratford.

So who are this year’s brides and grooms? Keep scrolling to find out.

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Alana (Credit: Nine)

Alana, 30, QLD

This Gold Coast teacher may be passionate and headstrong but she has a sensitive and emotional side too.

After being single for three years, Alana is hoping she’ll find her Mr Right.

Belinda (Credit: Nine)

Belinda, 29, VIC

Door-to-door sales representative Belinda is ambitious, quirky and loves to dance but doesn’t think she’s attractive to men.

“They don’t like my curly hair…guys tend to like tan skin and big boobs, which I’m not.”

Beth (Credit: Nine)

Beth, 39, WA

With a graduate diploma in psychology, deep-thinker Beth is also something of a free-spirit.

She’s ready to settle down and start a family with the right guy – someone she can have a laugh with.

Booka (Credit: Nine)

Booka, 31, WA

As a member of heavy metal band Make Them Suffer, musician Booka has had some lonely years on the road touring but is ready to find her special someone.

The bride is also a mental health worker and works in a psychiatric hostel, helping people with mental health issues integrate back into society.

Brett (Credit: Nine)

Brett, 31, VIC

Hopeless romantic and family man Brett is after a naturally beautiful, funny, laidback girl to settle down with.

The electrician and psychology student also volunteers with the Salvation Army to assist the homeless, and his dream is to open a treatment centre to help the vulnerable.

Bryce (Credit: Nine)

Bryce, 31, ACT

If any Canberrans recognise this guy it’s because his voice graces the airwaves on Hit 104.7 radio!

The super-confident radio announcer was previously in a five year relationship and was even engaged but made the tough decision to call it off.

Cameron (Credit: Nine)

Cameron, 32, VIC

Crane operator Cameron may look tough with his tattoos and shaved head, but in reality he’s just a “teddy bear”.

After being single for two years since returning from working in the mines in Western Australia, he’s ready for a wife and kids.

Coco (Credit: Nine)

Coco, 30, NSW

Loud, bubbly and vibrant, this Pilates studio owner has chosen her career over relationships in the past.

Coco was previously married but things ended after six months because she always felt she was running second to her mother-in-law.

Jake (Credit: Nine)

Jake, 32, VIC

Ex AFL player Jake is now the CEO of mental health charity Outside The Locker Room but is ready for the next step of marriage and children.

The country boy was previously engaged but he called it quits when he realised he didn’t love her anymore. 

James (Credit: Nine)

James, 44, VIC

“Cheeky chappy” James loves luxury cars, designer clothes and the finer things in life but is after a woman with passion and drive.

The prestige car company owner is also a divorced dad-of-three.

Jason (Credit: Nine)

Jason, 35, QLD

As one of the last singletons in his friendship group, party boy Jason has a way with the ladies but has struggled to find The One.

The construction estimator is searching for a girl with a sense of humour like him, and a relationship with the “spark that Hollywood makes movies out of”.

Joanne (Credit: Nine)

Joanne, 39, VIC

Outgoing and vivacious, barber Joanne meets many men in her line of work but hasn’t found the funny and laidback guy of her dreams.

The single mum of three boys is honest and has no-filter, but admits to having a short fuse and, at times, a jealous personality.

Melissa (Credit: Nine)

Melissa, 31, VIC

Shy and introverted workplace trainer Melissa is ready for love and admits that she’s never been on a date before.

Fed up with being single, she wants to find her partner.

Patrick (Credit: Nine)

Patrick, 27, VIC

Bubbly and upbeat, personal trainer Patrick has been unlucky in love but is ready to meet his dream girl.

A dedicated family man, Patrick wants to settle down and start his own but doesn’t want a “fake” or “plastic” looking partner.

Rebecca (Credit: Nine)

Rebecca, 27, WA

A force to be reckoned with, confident business manager Rebecca knows what she wants when it comes to her husband.

Recently separated from her AFL player ex fiancé, she’s looking for someone with good banter, cheek and attitude but they’d better watch out if they love watching Netflix at night or are an open-mouth food chewer!

Rusell (Credit: Nine)

Rusell, 37, SA

This True Blue diesel mechanic owns his own business but wants to find an active, fun-loving and adventurous partner.

After proposing to a stranger as a joke while on holiday in Las Vegas, he went on to marry her but they divorced after a year. Having been single for four years, he’s ready for love again.

Sam (Credit: Nine)

Sam, 32, VIC

Confident, outspoken and sarcastic Sam works in construction but is pursuing his dream in fashion and a clothing brand owner on the side.

This groom has high standards and isn’t afraid to say what he likes and doesn’t!

Samantha (Credit: Nine)

Samantha, 31, ACT

Divorced single mum Samantha has been through some tough struggles but has emerged stronger than ever.

This property developer owns several businesses in her hometown and calls the shots but wants an honest, loyal husband who will be a good role model for her two sons.

Georgia (Credit: Nine)

Georgia, 25, QLD

This privileged bride was educated in Switzerland, and since completing school has devoted all her time to her career.

Now the entrepreneur says she hopes to be matched with a groom who’ll respect her independence.

Johnny (Credit: Nine)

Johnny, 30, QLD

The sudden end of his marriage two years ago prompted this associate director to seek love again on MAFS. He won’t propose for real on the show, though.

“The experiment is a pressure cooker – I’ll wait,” he says.

Kerry (Credit: Nine)

Kerry, 30, QLD

She’s friendly with her ex-husband after their “super amicable” split two years ago, and now this bride is looking for a man who has a sense of humour, a thirst for adventure and takes a “glass half full” approach to life.

Liam (Credit: Nine)

Liam, 29, QLD

After being single for six years, this prison case manager and F45 trainer says he’s looking for a love as strong as his friends Warren Beatty and Annette Bening.

“I met them when I travelled to the US and we talk to this day,” he says.

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