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We’ve seen all sorts of couples get matched up over the years on Married At First Sight. Some good, some bad and some so ugly we prefer to keep them in the past.

WATCH BELOW: Married At First Sight 2021 promises the biggest year of love

But the experts, now including sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, have a new bunch of singletons to partner up and we’ve already started speculating if they’ve hit the nail on the head or made a big mistake.

Individually, we have some diverse (character-wise) brides and grooms in the mix this year. From loud and outgoing Pilates studio owner Coco through to adorkable personal trainer Patrick, it’s going to be interesting to see who the experts reckon their perfect match is.

With the eighth season now upon us, check out every single couple as they are revealed right here.

Keep scrolling to see the MAFS 2021 couples.

Melissa and Bryce’s adorable chemistry was there on their wedding day. (Credit: Nine)

Melissa and Bryce

Workplace trainer Melissa, 31, had never been on a date before she was partnered with her radio announcer husband Bryce, also 31.

The couple hit it off on their wedding day but can they go the distance?

The only “romantic” moment of Rebecca and Jake’s wedding. (Credit: Nine)

Rebecca and Jake

We’re not going to lie, it was supremely awkward watching these two get married.

Hopefully 27-year-old business manager Rebecca and 32-year-old ex AFL player can get past that shaky start and build a successful marriage.

The attraction was instant for Samantha and Cameron. (Credit: Nine)

Samantha and Cameron

Sparks flew when these two lay eyes on one another with both Samantha and Cameron commenting on their respective partner’s confidence and great smile.

They’ve promised to be there for each other through the highs and lows but only time will tell how they go in their marriage.

We have our fingers and toes crossed that these guys are still together. (Credit: Nine)

Booka and Brett

Arguably the experiment’s most cool and quirky couple, Booka and Brett’s wedding was the perfect combination of fun and sentimental.

We can’t wait to see how these two go in the weeks to come.

Coco and Sam’s wedding day was an interesting one. (Credit: Nine)

Coco and Sam

What do you get when you cross a loud and direct Pilates instructor with a brutally honest budding fashion designer?

Expect plenty of drama from Coco and Sam this season.

Yes, it’s a turtleneck. (Credit: Nine)

Jo and James

Down-to-earth Jo was matched with James who unashamedly likes the finer things in life.

If things work out with these parents, their family could be like the 2021 Brady Bunch!

Alana and Jason make one hot couple. (Credit: Nine)

Alana and Jason

Hot teacher Alana and reformed party boy Jason make quite the couple.

Let’s hope they behave as good as they look

We’re already falling for Belinda and Patrick. (Credit: Nine)

Belinda and Patrick

How cute are these two?

We reckon the experts have nailed it by matching this 29-year-old door-to-door salesman who’s never been in a relationship and her 27-year-old adorkable personal trainer husband.

The experiment’s most mature couple isn’t doing it for us. (Credit: Nine)

Beth and Russell

In a MAFS first, Beth and Russell’s wedding had no guests due to COVID restrictions but it wasn’t the romantic and intimate wedding we were expecting.

How cute are Liam and Georgia? (Credit: Nine)

Liam and Georgia

As one of the intruder couples, Liam and Georgia’s wedding was watched by their half of their fellow MAFS contestants.

Liam has also made history as MAFS’ first openly bisexual groom.

Love is in the air for Kerry and Johnny. (Credit: Nine)

Johnny and Kerry

Both of these intruders have been married before but can they make it work this time round?

We’re not holding our breath for Chris and Jaimie. (Credit: Nine)

Chris and Jaimie

As the experiment’s final and secret couple, can “Princess” Jaimie find love with her gentle giant husband?

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