MAFS 2023: Bronte shares the truth about Harrison’s break-up text

What really happened at the Couples' Retreat.
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Bronte Schofield was left reeling this week on Married At First Sight when her TV husband, Harrison Boon, ended their marriage via text. 

Now, Schofield, 29, tells WHO what really happened between them off-camera at the Couples’ Retreat.

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“Harrison implied that his mum had advised him to change his behaviour towards me on the show,” she says. “He said that his mum told him, ‘If you want to redeem your image, you need to give Australia the love story it deserves and you need to give that to Bronte, too.’”

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Schofield was horrified by her husband’s alleged admission – not least because she’d already told him she’d consider a move to his home town of Sydney from her home in Perth.

“I was like, ‘That’s bulls–t.’ I didn’t come into the experiment to be played like that. I cried on the couch for hours. I was hysterical. I felt like I’d wasted so much time,” she adds. 

Shortly afterwards, while at the Couples’ Retreat, Boon, 32, stormed out and sent his wife the shock text ending their marriage.

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“I felt like it was a cop out,” says Schofield. “This is his way of being able to leave. I’ve just been a pawn in his game.” 

The online beauty educator says she has sacrificed everything for the show and it “still hurts” that Boon hasn’t been genuine about his feelings.

“I can see now how much he has emotionally manipulated me. But it’s hard for me to walk away because I really like him,” Schofield says.

The other brides have been frustrated by Schofield’s ongoing loyalty to Boon, but she says their direct interventions haven’t helped. “It felt like they were personally attacking me.” 

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But Schofield stands by the fact she has given her marriage everything she possibly can and will remain a person who “fights for those that I care about” even if it means “I end up with egg on my face”.

She says hindsight is a beautiful thing.

“The biggest thing that I’ve learnt throughout all this, is my sensitive nature and heart is actually a superpower. I have so much love to give. When you’re empathetic, your gut doesn’t lie. Throughout the entire process, something didn’t feel right. I just wanted to believe that something amazing was going to happen.” 

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Bronte says the couple have had “Mount Everest-sized road bumps” during their journey, so it remains to be seen if this really is the end of the experiment’s most controversial couple – or just another hiccup. 

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