MAFS fans reckon Booka’s new song is about Brett

And it's not a love song.
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Booka Nile and Brett Helling are one of our favourite, unproblematic couples on this season of Married At First Sight but after the heavy metal musician bride released a new song with a rather telling music video, there could be some trouble in paradise brewing.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Booka Nile’s song “Beam me up soft/f***boi”

On Sunday, Booka dropped her band Internet Friends’ new single, Beam me up soft/f***boi and though it only lasts for a minute, fans reckon it’s all about her groom Brett doing her wrong.

Lyrics include the lines:  “Boy, there’s some bulls*** on your face I’m coming,” and “You’re so predictable and you’ve lost all your appeal. You’re so basic my hymen has gone resealed.” Ouch!

Is it all going south for Booka and Brett? (Credit: Nine)

The lyrics may be referring to someone else but the guy in the music video certainly looks a lot like Brett.

In the clip, the moustached man is seen playing a guitar with his feet, lighting incense and reading I Am Malala, by activist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai.

Take a look at the guy below and see for yourself.

Brett, is that you? (Credit: Facebook)

Despite appearing to go from strength to strength, Booka and Brett are rumoured to have some bumps in their relationship as the season progresses.

According to The WashBooka is set to be involved in yet another cheating scandal with groom, Jake Edwards.

The publication reported that the friends shared a joke peck on the lips on New Year’s Eve and that footage emerged in January, with producers apparently planning to centre the whole reunion around the clip.

What’s more reality TV podcast So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto shared: “I can confirm that these two are no longer together, and not only that, they don’t even make it to the final vows.

“A person who knows Brett got in touch and said: ‘I know Brett, they definitely do not last. He reckons he’s going to get a bad edit, he’s back in Geelong and telling people they are not together.'”

Fans first suspected that Booka and Brett’s marriage wasn’t as picture perfect as it seems when The Wash uncovered that Booka enjoyed a MAFS viewing party in her hometown of Perth when her wedding aired.

However, Brett was not in attendance and the TV bride did not look happy in the pics.

“We have differences when it comes to humour, like what is an acceptable joke to make, what’s not, differences in opinion.” (Credit: Nine)

On Sunday night’s episode, Booka dropped a hint that she and her on-screen husband have their clashes.

“We have differences when it comes to humour, like what is an acceptable joke to make, what’s not, differences in opinion,” she remarked.

However, the MAFS bride made it clear on social media that she was willing to put in the work.

“Imma stayyyy babbyyy. And I’m gonna stop letting my brain focus on anything negative and focus on all the things that are good about us. I’ve been alone for a long time and I’m shit scared of being vulnerable and letting myself get close to people. But I’m pushing past that for the sake of this god damn beautiful moustache,” she penned on Instagram.

Let’s wait and see how this turns out.

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