MAFS’ Cyrell Paule breaks down as she updates fans about her pregnancy

"I am already so in love."
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Four months out from giving birth, a usually stoic Cyrell Paule revealed on Instagram last night that she couldn’t contain her emotions when she heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

Sharing a video from her latest ultrasound, the fiery Married At First Sight star revealed she and her boyfriend Eden Dally were deeply moved by the whole experience. 

WATCH: Cyrell Paule breaks down after hearing baby’s heartbeat

“I haven’t even met you, and already I’m sooo (sic) in love with you,” she captioned the video in which you could clearly hear and see the baby’s heartbeat. 

Although Cyrell- who’s usually shy when it comes to discussing her feelings- says she can’t wait to be a mum, the controversial reality TV star recently revealed that her pregnancy journey has been pretty rough. 

“So I’ve had a few people DM me and ask how my pregnancy is going,” Cyrell said last week during an Instagram live video. “As you can see, I missed out on that ‘pregnancy glow’. I always get jealous when I see another pregnant woman in the street and she’s just glowing, looking gorgeous. Then I look at my reflection and think ‘Dear lord what happened to you?'”

The 31-year-old continued:  “Lately I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and I have the weakest bladder so I’m peeing every five seconds! I don’t know if anybody else is having that but it’s the worst, I can’t get any sleep.” 


Cyrell and Eden— who rose to fame after starring in Love Island Australia— revealed they were expecting their first child together three months ago. While the couple expected that the reaction to their announcement would be mixed, they never thought it would be overshadowed by claims they were faking the news in exchange for cash.

After sharing photos from her exclusive pregnancy shoot with New Idea, one nasty Instagram user said their “fake child” will be born to “two desperate people who can’t stay in the spotlight expect when making fools of themselves.” 

Not one to hold back when it comes to making her point, Cyrell responded: “I’d donate to u getting some common sense but clearly no money could buy that.” 

Another sassy Instagrammer also took a swipe at Cyclone Cyrell, telling the controversial reality TV star— who endured an ill-fated on-screen marriage to Nic Jovanovic— that “it’s time to grow up now. You’re the one captioning the best news of your life as an article headline.”

After the comment racked up 123 likes, she responded to the user— whose bio says she’s “raising 2 babies”—writing: “I hope when u had ur two babies then no one called ur relationship a publicity stunt n told u to grow up like u weren’t worthy to be a mother. Being a mother of two I would’ve expected better. Guess A LOT of people need growing up,” she wrote, adding a kiss face emoji. 

The day after their 12-week scan, Cyrell and Eden, who’ve been dating for a little over four months, revealed to New Idea that the pregnancy wasn’t planned. 

“I’ll be honest, it was 
not planned. I was freaked out thinking about Eden’s reaction,” Cyrell confessed. “I’ve got nothing against it, but for me, I don’t have the strength to have an abortion. So I knew, then, I’m having a baby!”

Cyrell decided to text the news to Eden.

He shared, “I was on my phone and I got this text. She said, ‘Eden, I’m pregnant, and I’m like, “What?”'”

“I didn’t know what to feel. I was a bit in shock and took a while to process it. Then we spoke and I said, ‘Whatever you want to do, I’ll support you and be there for the child.'”

He added, “
It wasn’t expected. But it’s happening, I’m excited and I can’t wait to have this little baby.”

When asked how their families’ reacted to the news, Cyrell said her brother Ivan was taken aback. 

“My brother Ivan was shocked. But out of all my boyfriends, weirdly enough, he really likes Eden! They get along. So, they just ended up shaking hands. When I did tell Ivan, he said: “You’re a grown woman and Eden is a good guy.”

Everyone was just in shock,” Eden added. “My old man always says your first child is a really special feeling. My mum was excited too. At first it was a shock but now everyone is on board.

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