MAFS Dan gushes about Jessika after their illicit kiss goes to air

"The first kiss with Jess was magical."
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Another Married At First Sight couple bites the dust, and it all comes down to cheating… again.

While we thought that Sam Ball and Ines Basic would be the craziest cheating scandal of the season, enter Dan Webb and Jessika Power, who confirmed their affair with a kiss.

On Wednesday night’s episode, the pair stole a kiss in the rain during the dinner party.

Dan, who had Jessika all over him the week before, was more than happy to let the tryst go ahead this week after his mother was disapproving of wife, Tamara Joy.

Speaking to 9Honey, Dan said, “The kiss was the start of something special but I had to keep my cards close to my chest ’cause I didn’t want to make a decision until I felt like she felt the same way.”

dan jess
(Credit: Channel Nine)

Dan actually sounded SMITTEN when talking about Jessika. “The first kiss with Jess was magical. It just felt right and it was raining, to my memory, which made it that of a movie scene.”

Jessika Power Dan Webb
(Credit: Channel Nine)

Dan felt an “immediate connection” to Jessika when he first laid eyes on her during last week’s dinner party.

Now, after kissing Jessika in the rain, he asked her to stay with Mick on the show so they could continue their affair.

However, to the camera, Dan seemed unsure of what to do next. “I don’t know how to explain it… there’s definitely some kind of chemistry there and I don’t feel this often,” Dan said of Jessika.

“But, at the same time, I married tam and it’s a tough situation. I came here for love… do I stick it out with Tam or do I jump ship?”

Dan Webb
(Credit: Channel Nine)

It’s clear that Dan does decide to pursue a relationship with Jessika in the real world, as photos of them kissing in public have been revealed.

Married At First Sight continues Sunday at 7pm on Channel Nine 

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