Matty J’s exciting new TV role will give you serious nostalgia

"I've wanted to do this for a very long time."
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Matty ‘J’ Johnson has been a staple on Aussie TV screens since shooting to stardom on The Bachelor back in 2017.

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The father-of-two enjoys regular appearances on The Living Room, Studio 10 and Have You Been Paying Attention?, but his latest role is one we didn’t see coming!

On Tuesday, Matt took to Instagram to share a cryptic clue about his new gig – but any parents and ’90s kids would instantly recognise the iconic set of his new role.

matty j
Matt filmed scenes for iconic ABC kids’ show Playschool. (Credit: Instagram)

“Today’s gig might be the best one I’ve ever gotten.. finished product coming soon! #bucketlist” Matt captioned a photo from the Playschool set.

Matt couldn’t wipe the grin off his face as he posed with beloved toy Jemima behind the scenes.

The former reality star, who shares two daughters with fiancee Laura Byrne, then shared a series of videos from inside his changing room.

“This is my changeroom for this morning. I’m going to be lame, I can’t tell you what I’m filming but I will say its something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. It’s very sick,” he told the camera.

matty j family
The father-of-two said a gig on Playschool was on his bucket list. (Credit: Instagram)

Matt then hilariously filmed himself chatting to Jemima – an iconic toy regularly featured in the series.

“I just want to say that I’ve worked with a lot of professionals in the industry and I honestly thought you were one of the best. You did such a good job today,” he told the rag doll.

Matt’s exciting announcement instantly sent fans and fellow celebs into a frenzy.

“OMG is that Jemima!!!!!! dduuuuuddddeeeee,” former Married at First Sight star Johnny Balbuziente commented.

While Matt didn’t explicitly say his new gig was on the classic kids’ TV show, ABC all but confirmed the casting decision by commenting: “Iconic duo.”

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