How Kate Winslet was involved in Neighbours finale

“She was besotted with Mike back in the day.”
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The final ever episode of Neighbours aired last night, with a number of former cast members returning in celebration of the show that kicked off their wildly successful careers.

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Among them was Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Margot Robbie, Delta Goodrem, and Guy Pearce, who has revealed a special – and rather random – tidbit from the finale that connects Kate Winslet.

Coming back as his character, Mike Young, it was quickly revealed that he harboured feelings for Jane Harris, played by Annie Jones.

Their reunion was a major nostalgia moment for the many longtime fans watching at home, but their reconciliation had a very minor detail that Guy has since opened up about.

While filling Jane in about his life, and his daughter Sammy, Mike revealed his wife’s name was ‘Rose’.

As in, Rose for Rose DeWitt Bukater, Kate Winslet’s character in Titanic. But what’s the connection?

Kate and Guy are good friends. (Credit: Getty)

Guy Pearce and Kate Winslet are actually good friends – they starred in Mildred Pearce in 2011, and more recently in the award-winning series Mare of Easttown.

And Kate is also a massive fan of Neighbours.

“When I told her I was coming back, she was beside herself,” Guy revealed to WHO.

Guy said on Studio 10 after the finale aired.

“She was besotted with Mike back in the day. We share a birthday and that was the greatest news to her,” he said.

Guy returned for a decent stint across the final episodes of Neighbours. (Credit: Supplied)

But the use of her beloved character’s name was revealed this morning, when Guy spoke to Studio 10.

“When I [spoke] to the producer, he said maybe we can make the mother of your child, maybe she can be Kate,” Guy explained.

“I said ‘that’s a little personal in my life so let’s not call her Kate,’ so she is called Rose who was Kate’s character on Titanic.”

“Kate Winslet had a poster of Mike Young on her wall growing up,” he added with a laugh.

Fans were thrilled to see Mike and Jane reunite. (Credit: Supplied)

Guy returned for a decent stint on the show, and fans were thrilled to see him at the very end alongside Annie, Kylie, and Jason – who were the fab four of Neighbours’ earliest days.

“There are certain moments in your life that are real markers,” Guy said of his experience belonging to such an iconic cast.

“Being cast in Neighbours, the confidence it gave me and what I learnt being on the show were immeasurable qualities and benefits.”

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