New trailer reveals one contestant proposes on Bachelor In Paradise

Oh this will be good!
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While we were all busy watching Married at First Sight, a trailer for the new reality show Bachelor In Paradise dropped, showing none other than a proposal. 

The new dating show, which takes contestants from previous Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, features some of our fave TV additions of 2017: Jarrod Woodgate, Tara Pavlovic, and Luke McLeod.

Keira Maguire, the troublemaker from Ritchie Strahan’s season, is also confirmed and has been spotted making out with pot plant loving Jarrod.

As well as the above, the new trailer reveals Ali Oetjen from season one, Lisa Hyde from Season two, and Florence Alexandra Sophia from season five. 

Take a look at it below.


This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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