Omarosa has some hot takes on Caitlyn Jenner and Thomas Markle Jr.

She doesn't mince her words!
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After two nights, Omarosa became the first person to be kicked out of Big Brother VIP, but she will be remembered for the fiery feud that brewed between herself and Caitlyn Jenner.

WATCH BELOW: Omarosa says Caitlyn Jenner treated her ‘terribly’ on Big Brother VIP

It’s no shock there was tension between the pair given their political links – Omarosa had a public falling out with Donald Trump after serving as his Director of Communications, while Caitlyn tried to run for the Republican party to become Governor of California.

The two gave each other a frosty reception on their first night in the Big Brother house, and now, Omarosa isn’t holding back about what she really thinks of the Olympian-turned-reality star.

“I just read an article, she gave an interview… and said that her whole plan the whole time was to attack me on the show,” Omarosa explained to Nova’s Smallzy.

Omarosa left the Big Brother Hotel last night. (Credit: Channel 7)

“I was a little surprised by that because I was looking forward to getting to know Caitlyn but instead I got to know Karen. She was just terrible, it was shocking.”

When asked about Meghan Markle’s estranged brother Thomas, Omarosa admitted she hadn’t heard of him prior to entering the Big Brother house.

“I didn’t even know she had a brother, of course I heard about the shenanigans of her father and her half-sister but I never knew Thomas and he admitted that he had done a lot in the UK but not in the US, nobody would interview him in the US,” she said.

“It was very interesting to get to know him and see how he operates, he’s made a whole career of his sister and that’s just how it is.”

WATCH BELOW: Thomas Markle Jr. to appear on Big Brother VIP

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Omarosa also defended Meghan after Thomas ranted to his fellow housemates that the duchess is “selfish and self-centred” and claimed that “money and fame went to her head”.

“I actually met Meghan several times in Hollywood over the years, she’s lovely,” Omarosa revealed, adding that she also met her “wonderful” mother Doria Ragland.

“It’s really hard to listen to Thomas say all these terrible things about her when I’ve met her myself and then to come to realise that he hasn’t actually spent much time with her so how much do you trust what he’s saying?

“I don’t think he’s seen her in 10 years maybe.”

Caitlyn and Omarosa did not get along. (Credit: Channel 7)

The former political aide also took aim at Donald Trump when asked about his bid to run again in the 2024 election.

“Yeah, I don’t think you can run for president from jail,” she quipped.

“He’s got so many legal problems right now, I just completed a lawsuit with him that I won, and I suspect that he’s going to lose quite a few of these suits but the criminal charges that he’s facing will probably impede his ability to run for president in 2024.”

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