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The Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels Winner Has Been Crowned!

Meet your 2024 Sole Survivor.
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After almost 50 days on the shores of Samoa, the Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels journey has officially come to an end. 

Confronted with intense physical challenges, tribal politics, and harsh conditions, the 24 contestants of this year’s Survivor cohort continued to rise to the challenge, with the Rebels and Titans working together to overcome one of the toughest seasons yet. 

Despite having dealt some of the season’s most game-changing tactics, only one of the top three contestants took home the title of Sole Survivor, with Feras crowned the winner of Australian Survivor 2024. 

Watch Below: Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels | Sneak Peek | Channel 10. 

Navigating their way through the shifting dynamics of the tribal life, Feras, Caroline, and Mark continually played to their strengths – fostering close alliances and dabbling in a healthy dose of classic Survivor deception. 

As the only remaining member of the Rebels, Feras was determined to overcome the final brutal immunity challenge to secure his place in front of the Survivor jury. 

Fortunately for Feras, Mark and Caroline failed to withstand the heat of the firey pinwheel, granting him the ultimate deciding vote for who will join him in the final two.

After over two hours on the wheel, Mark and Caroline stepped down from the challenge. (Credit: Ten)

With his first individual immunity necklace proudly around his neck, Feras remained stoic as he watched the former two Titans plead for their place in the final. 

Despite both making a strong case, Feras voted in favour of Caroline, placing Mark in the final seat of the jury. 

After departing camp for the final time, Feras and Caroline were once again joined by their former tribemates, with Caroline being the first to state her case. 

“Coming into this game, I knew that I was going to have a target on my back from day one. I was the oldest member of the tribe on a tribe of beasts,” Caroline told the jury. 

(Credit: Ten)

Following Caroline’s emotional plea, Feras candidly reflected on his time on Survivor, telling his tribemates, “I came in this game with an aim; to uphold my values as a person, as a Muslim, and as a Middle Eastern man. I had a very, very specific game plan that I wanted to play, and I wanted to have a bit of fun with it as well, and I most certainly did.”

After stating their case, Caroline and Feras faced a barrage of questions from the former contestants, with many airing their grievances for past strategic errors. 

Following a last-minute emotional plea from the final two, it came time for the jury to decide who would take home the title of Sole Survivor. 

With all votes counted, host Jonathan LaPaglia officially crowned Feras as the winner of the $500,000 prize. 

Feras was crowned the 2024 winner. (Credit: Ten)

“I am absolutely over the moon. I didn’t for a million years think that I could even make it on Survivor, let alone win the bloody game,” Feras shared. 

“To be the first Aussie Arab to win Survivor is such a huge flex, and to show off my culture and to show everyone where I come from in my community is such a huge achievement and I’m so proud of myself.”

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