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Bachelor contestants’ WhatsApp group shut down after winner revealed

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After the first ever season of The Bachelorette was spoiled when Ten producers placed Sam Frost and her chosen one Sasha Mielczarek against a window to be photographed before the final had a chance to air, they have been uber careful never to let the same happen again on The Bachelor.

So they have gone to the measures of shutting down a WhatsApp group chat between the contestants after the top three were allegedly revealed

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Screenshots from a private chat, titled “MA [Matt Agnew] ABSOLUTE BEST”, features contestants Chelsie McLeod, Abbie Chatfield and Helena Sauzier were exclusively leaked to an Australian publication.

The Bachelor Matt Agnew
The Bachelor Matt Agnew (Credit: Ten)

It suggests that Chelsie, Abbie and Helena are the final three contestants with the screenshots seeming to point to Chelsie being the woman who takes Matt’s final rose.

One message from Helena reads: “Tell me about the man!! Story start to finish.”

Another text from Abbie said: “Waiting for a voice note with tea being spilled like …”

Top 3? Helena Sauzier, Chelsie McLeod, Abbie Chatfield
Top 3? Helena Sauzier, Chelsie McLeod, Abbie Chatfield (Credit: Ten)

Last week’s banished contestnat Nichole Wood, told A.B and Ben on the ‘Coff Coast’s Hit105.5‘ breakfast radio show said their group chat was shut down because of “drama”.

“There was a big group chat but yeah, it did stop because it became a bit too much, too much drama and everything,” Nichole said. 

“Everyone was in it. It has stopped now, and if you want to talk to someone, you talk to them individually. We just keep it out of being in a big group, because it can get a bit misconstrued.”

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