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The Bachelors 2023: Meet Luke Bateman

Will this bachelor find love?
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Love is almost in the air for The Bachelors hopefuls, with the fan-favourite dating programme officially returning for a second time this year in December 2023. 

Joining the contestants on their quest for love is Bachelor Luke Bateman, who is ready to bring his country charm to The Bachelors mansion. 

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Dubbing himself ‘Luke the Lumberjack,’ the 28-year-old Queenslander may be a familiar face for some in The Bachelors mansion, with Luke previously making a name for himself as an NRL star playing for the Canberra Raiders. 

After retiring from NRL in 2020, Luke re-entered the dating scene however, it wasn’t until after a chat with two of his closest gal pals that The Bachelors came on his radar. 

“I’d discussed with them many times my failed dating attempts and desire to find a partner. I was absolutely on board with the idea because, as corny as it sounds, I wanted to find love and not have to go to bed alone every night,” he told WHO. 

Will Luke find love? (Credit: Seven)

Reflecting on why he has previously been unlucky in love, Luke told WHO that he believes he is still single as a result of “a combination of lack of effort on my behalf to invest my energy into finding the right person. 

“Also, the fact that I’m a big romantic and I want to feel that all-consuming head-over-heels love with somebody,” he continued. 

Kicking off the next chapter of his life on The Bachelors appears to be the perfect start for Luke – believing that love at first sight will help guide him to his perfect match. 

“At the end of the day, all I really want is lifelong love and I’m not concerned about the size or shape of the package that it comes in.” 

(Credit: Instagram)

While he may not be overly concerned about the appearance of his ideal partner, Luke shared that he still has some strong relationship dealbreakers that he will be keeping an eye out for. 

“Probably the only deal breaker for me is someone who has a small dietary scope. I love to dine out at restaurants and get heaps of share plates and I really enjoy the experience with my partner. I’m also an adventurous home cook and someone who doesn’t enjoy that would definitely be a large hurdle.” 

While entering the world of The Bachelors may be daunting for some, Luke is not afraid to capitalise on the rivalry between himself and the other Bachelors if he wants to get to know one of the 24 contestants better. 

Looking towards the future, Luke also shared that his dream is to be a father, with the hope of having at least three children with his future wife that he can pass on his lifelong love of NRL to.

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