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MAFS’ Seb shares “heartbreaking” details of break up with Lizzie.

"I immediately felt totally isolated."
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2021 started with the devastating news that Married At First Sight’s season seven golden couple Seb Guilhaus and Elizabeth Sobinoff had called it quits after 14 months of dating. Now, Seb has opened up about what actually went down between the two of them, calling the ordeal “heartbreaking”.

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Heading to Instagram on Wednesday, Seb, 31, gave his followers a lengthy rundown of all the highs and lows of 2020. 

“I want to share my experience with some particularly challenging moments over the last year,” the 31-year-old wrote, “not to paint myself as a war hero or even the Black Knight 😄, but to give an insight into how I internalised these events and how mindset can allow anyone to continue moving forward,” he wrote.

Seb Guilhaus and Lizzie Sobinoff
Lizzie and Seb announced they had called it quits in January 2021. (Credit: Nine)

The personal trainer then delved into the details of what we can only describe as a jam-packed and sad year. From his kitten sadly passing away, to his tragic near-death accident, the former MAFS star has had quite the overwhelming year.

And, of course, Seb couldn’t give a recap of the year without diving into his time on season eight of MAFS.

“I went on @mafs and had an amazing time, met beautiful Liz and began my first relationship in 8 years (blessed),” the 31-year old wrote.

He then opened up about his decision to uproot from Adelaide and head to Sydney to be with Lizzie – a decision he seems to regret.

Seb Guilhaus
“I went on @mafs and had an amazing time, met beautiful Liz and began my first relationship in 8 years (blessed),” Seb wrote on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

“I uprooted from Adelaide, left family and friends with an idea of the direction I wanted to head career wise but with nothing in stone,” Seb wrote. “I began building a Wellness Seminar.” 

“I immediately felt totally isolated in Sydney, different culture, different energy, knowing very few people. Liz was my family and friends at that stage.”

Seb’s feelings of isolation were anything but eased after COVID struck and families everywhere were forced into lockdown. During this time, the personal trainer admitted he put most of his efforts into his work. 

“Covid hits harder… the seminar at near completion with a great team.. cancelled. I decide to take my wellness vision online and begin Marketing for the first challenge. 💪”

But while Seb’s Wellness Warriors project soared, his relationship with Lizzie flat-lined.

Seb Guilhaus and Lizzie Sobinoff
Seb admitted he was “heartbroken” after his split with Liz. (Credit: Nine)

“Liz and I decide to split,” he wrote, “heartbroken”.

Despite what has clearly been a rough year for Seb, the reality TV star is focusing on silver linings in 2021, exclaiming, “The point of all this is a long time ago when I was at the end of my tether, the bottom of the barrel, I made a choice…

“I decided that life works for us not against us….that from every experience there is a lesson/silver lining/a reason and now on this balcony I know I am strong … I feel invincible.”

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