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MAFS 2023 contestant Shannon Adams welcomes second child with ex-fiancée

Shannon's time on MAFS was marred with controversy, following his treatment of his on-screen wife Caitlin. 
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Season ten of Married At First Sight Australia had its fair share of juicy scandals and gossip. 

The cast was anything but boring, from accidental butt-dials and cheating scandals to post-show relationships

But we can’t say we expected the on-set drama that emerged following the show!

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Shortly after the show wrapped airing, an episode of the So Dramatic! podcast suggested that there was more than meets the eye when it came to MAFS‘ husband Shannon abruptly leaving the show. 

Host Megan Pustetto revealed that Shannon’s on-again-off-again partner Jamea recently shared a photo of herself on Facebook, in which she was seen cradling a baby bump. 

Shannon and Jamea, who were previously engaged, already share a child, and their relationship was thrust into the spotlight after he left his Married At First Sight season, claiming he still had feelings for his ex. 

Jamea Shannon baby
Jamea took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy. (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking to PedestrianTV, Jamea confirmed that Shannon was the father of the baby, however, it appeared the pair were not currently together. Part of her caption on her Instagram pregnancy announcement read; “Didn’t think I’d be doing it as a solo single mum.”

“I’m only 17 weeks pregnant,” she clarified to the publication before denying that she and Shannon were meeting up during the filming of MAFS

So Dramatic! had previously reported that Shannon found out about the pregnancy in the midst of filming and that the pair were seeing each other throughout the MAFS experiment, but Jamea has denied this. 

“I NEVER saw him in Sydney,” she confirmed. 

shannon adams mafs baby
(Credit: Instagram)

In October Shannon took to Instagram to announce the birth of his second child with Jamea, a daughter named Zarliah. 

The reality star kept the announcement short and simple, including only a black and white photo of him cradling his daughter, with no accompanying caption. 

MAFS shannon and Caitlin
Shannon and Caitlin were on season 10 of MAFS. (Credit: Nine)

Shannon’s time on Married At First Sight Australia was marred with controversy, following his treatment of his on-screen wife Caitlin

The experts warned that Shannon could lack empathy at times, and boy were they right. During the photo ranking task, he had no problem in explaining why he didn’t find Caitlin the most attractive of the cast.

“I haven’t seen these girls without makeup…but I have seen you without makeup,” he told a shocked Caitlin early in the season. Things went from bad to worse when he revealed he thought Melinda was the most attractive as she was the one “who would impress your mates,” and told Caitlin other women in the competition’s “natural beauty shines more than yours.” 

MAFS shannon and Caitlin
The pair’s relationship was full of drama. (Credit: Nine)

He also felt the need to share with Caitlin how unattracted he was to her during intimacy week.

“That physical attraction – I don’t know if it’s there,” he explained bluntly. “I still want to try, but can you be in a relationship with someone that you have doubts that you’re attracted to? They’re really nice, they’re really lovely, but if you’re not physically attracted to them… I don’t know.”

“The attraction’s low,” he explained to Caitlin. “You are a good-looking girl – just not in my eyes.” 

If you thought it couldn’t get worse, think again. Shannon then went on to blame the lack of physical chemistry for why he was *still* thinking about his ex. 

“I thought you would come down that aisle and completely blow me away,” he told a (rightfully) shocked Caitlin, explaining that he wouldn’t even have contemplated thinking about his ex, had his bride been more suited to his tastes. 

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