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Married At First Sight boss says participants AREN’T looking for love

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It probably comes as a surprise to no one that not all contestants on Married at First Sight are there for the right reasons. 

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While last season we saw a real life wedding following the end of the controversial dating experiment – Hi, Cam and Jules! – according to its executive producer, Tara McWilliams, not everyone who goes on the show is looking for love. 

I think the experience is probably the main driver now,” Tara told Sydney Morning Herald. 

“Being on television, being part of the experiment and whatever that brings. I don’t think it’s so black and white as either love or fame,” she added.

Even if the contestants aren’t looking for love, it seems the production team still do their best to give participants the best possible chance at finding it.

“But even if people are coming on to increase their profile, or to get Instagram followers, or to get some sort of public profile out of this, I genuinely believe that everyone who comes on hopes they are matched with someone they like and potentially could have a relationship with,” Tara explained. 

dan and jess
Were Jess and Dan really looking for love on MAFS? (Credit: Channel Nine)

The shock details come just days away from the premiere of season seven of Married At First Sight.

And even before the first episode hits TV screens, many of the contestants are already in trouble with the Nine network, according to a new report.

Perth Now has revealed that both Nine and production company Endemol Shine Australia have repeatedly told brides and grooms there will be “severe consequences” for those who disobey any instructions following a series of dramatic incidents that occurred behind the scenes.

“They’ve drilled it in that (contestants) can’t talk to the media. They’re dead serious. Who knows what they’re capable of,” one insider said.


The source goes on to reveal that this season is set to be the most explosive yet, with many of the brides and grooms not seeing eye to eye and at least one honeymoon from hell.

The news follows the leak of a video from the upcoming season, which shows groom David Cannon using the toothbrush of his bride, Hayley Vernon, to clean skid marks off the toilet.

Unsurprisingly, David and Hayley are believed to have split up during filming of the Nine show.

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