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Married At First Sight: Elizabeth Sobinoff returns in 2020

Second time is the charm!
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Ines Basic would be fuming! Her arch-rival Elizabeth Sobinoff is officially returning to Married At First Sight Australia in 2020. AS. AN. INTRUDER. BRIDE.


WHO is delighted to confirm that the bubbly 27-year-old is getting a rightful redo after the fiasco that was Sam Ball.

This year, we met Lizzie on the series – and the TV star was instantly broken after she was brutally fat-shamed on her wedding day. 

“I don’t usually date girls her size,” Sam told viewers, adding he’d “get her running in the mornings.”

He went on to cheat on her with Ines Basic.

Mafs Elizabeth returns
She’s getting married again!

This time – we’re hoping things are different.

WHO obtained exclusive images of the exciting new beginning.

Elizabeth Sobinoff was officially revealed as an Intruder bride.

Her relatives and loved ones were identified at the filming of the Married At First Sight wedding at Curzon Hall in Sydney. 

Mafs Elizabeth returns
And the mystery groom is cute.
Mafs Elizabeth returns
The guests arrive.

Security had the location on tight lockdown for the bride’s arrival. The images were taken on October 16th 2019.

It’s clear that Lizzie is an intruder, as we know MAFS 2020 began filming back in September of this year. 

According to the Daily Mail, the new cast were shocked when they saw her enter the show at a dinner party.

“Nobody saw it coming. Everybody was shocked when she walked through the door.”

Mafs Elizabeth returns
Her family have come to the big day.

The next season of Married At First Sight Australia is proving to be one of the most controversial series of the reality show yet.

An on-set source has told the hosts of Hit106.9 that filming had to be stopped for two weeks because of the escalating drama, and that one cast member was even forced into rehab by producers over concerns for their mental wellbeing.

“Apparently, they’ve just started filming again after a two-week break because the producers were just like, ‘’this is going too far, we need to resettle ourselves, take a two-week filming break and then work out how we can tackle the rest of the season,’” host Nick said.

While producers of the Nine show have yet to confirm the rumours, speculation is mounting as to what exactly could have caused the break in filming.

“There is heaps more partner swapping in this season,” Nick continued.

“Apparently, they’ve needed to check someone in [to a rehab facility] because they’ve gone so loose on the show that they were worried about their mental wellbeing,”

According to the Hit106.9 host, the unnamed cast member’s break down may have been brought on after the couples spent their first night together after the ceremony.

Mafs Elizabeth returns
We can’t wait for 2020!

“It’s a girl that is trying to consummate the relationship with her new husband – and he’s not into it, on the first night he’s just like ‘’oh we haven’t been together for that long’’”, he said.

“But she’s pretty bloody keen – like yelling ‘f**k me, f**k me,’ over and over and over again,’” the host said.

In a statement to Daily Mail Australia, Nine producers remained tight-lipped.

“As always with Married at First Sight, the rumour mill is in overdrive. All we can say is: tune in to Nine early next year,” they said.

While Lizzie has yet to speak out about the news, her presence on social media has alluded to the exciting new adventure.

Always grateful,” she shared.

“In a good head space right now 😊 hoping everyone has had at least one smile cross their face today.”

The day before her “wedding” – Elizabeth dished her exciting pre-bridal skin regime.

“My daily routine with my absolute fav @tribeskincare ❤️ I love how these products are all natural, vegan and cruelty free! 🐰 And better yet to keep my skincare lasting longer and prevent bacteria growth, I store them in @beautyfridge , the cutest mini fridge ever! 🌟”

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