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Lizzie Sobinoff addresses rumours she is back together with Seb Guilhaus

Because who doesn’t have birthday dinners with their ex?
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As rumours continue to swirl that Married At First Sight’s Lizzie Sobinoff and  Seb Guilhaus are back together, the reality star is insisting Seb is “still a huge part” of her life, as they spend a week together in the Gold Coast for her 30th birthday.

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Most people would rather avoid seeing an ex on their birthday no matter how good the relationship was.

But Lizzie and Seb are not those people as they have chosen to spend an adventure-filled week together.

According to their Instagram posts, the friendly exes went on non-romantic beach walks, went to Dreamworld, posed with characters from the Madagascar movies, got turned into cartoon characters, and went on a roller coaster.

MAFS exes Lizzie Sobinoff (left) and Seb Guilhaus (right) took on a roller coaster at Dreamworld. (Credit: Instagram)

When they weren’t jumping from one activity to the other, they were eating their way through the week.

Lizzie posted a glimpse into their huge seafood feast that they enjoyed at Palazzo Versace.

In the post, there are piles and piles of shellfish, calamari and the well-known aphrodisiac, oysters.

Lizzie captioned the post with an ode to the trip and her 30th birthday shenanigans.

“Here come the dirty thirties!” she wrote.

“Think I might do a month of celebrating? Maybe that’s too extreme? Such a fun week! No, it’s not my birthday until Sunday, which I’ll just chill at home, but plenty more birthday spam to come!

“Seb is still a huge part of my life and was such an amazing week to spend together!”

“Such an amazing week to spend together,” Lizzie gushed. (Credit: Instagram)

Seb gushed in her post’s comments about how spectacular he thinks she is and how proud he is of all she has achieved.

“Beautiful, intelligent, caring superstar … so proud of what you’ve overcome and so excited for what your 30s hold for you … absolutely anything in this world,” said Seb.

The comment was more romantic than most messages from an ex, which are either a dry read or nothing at all.

As if he didn’t already go further than most exes, on Instagram he dedicated another essay to Lizzie.

The post read: “It has been a lot to process … Liz and I seeing each other for the first time after separating … wondering how we would feel … where we might want to head … anything that’s gone unsaid … I’m so happy with how we both handled everything.”

What is a birthday without cake? Lizzie pictured here with one of her two cakes. (Credit: Instagram)

He also spilled the two discussed their feelings towards each other and have talked about where they see their relationship going.

Seb revealed, “We may have had some very brutal and equally humorous conversations about exactly where we are at … but it’s refreshing … and it’s mature … and we want to be in other’s lives in some capacity …”

In true Lizzie fashion, she spent her real birthday around her girlfriends, who spoiled her with cake and balloons.

Lizzie (left) and Mel Lucarelli (right). (Credit: Instagram)

She also received a birthday message from former MAFS co-star Mel Lucarelli on Instagram.

The post read, “Welcome to 30… So. Much. Fun. Xxx.”

It seems like Lizzie has rung in 30 with all the love surrounding her, and if Seb is really in her life platonically, then they are the friendliest of exes.

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