Sam Wood’s sweet tribute to “first daughter” Eve

"Feels like yesterday that your Mum introduced you to me in the park."
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It’s been six years since Sam Wood met his stepdaughter Eve Markoski on The Bachelor during Hometowns Week and to mark her 16th birthday, the season three star has shared a sweet throwback to that fateful moment.

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Taking to Instagram on Monday evening, Sam, 41, shared a stunning photo of Eve today.

My first daughter all grown up. Feels like yesterday that your Mum introduced you to me in the park. Happy 16th @eve.vict,” he captioned the snap.

“My first daughter all grown up.” (Credit: Instagram)

Back on The Bachelor, the then-nine-year-old Eve famously grilled her stepdad to-be on all things from the capital of Macedonia through to One Direction but then quizzed him on his favourite things about Snez and how he’d score her out of 10.

“She’s so pretty, she’s funny and I just love being around her,” Sam sweetly confessed, adding that he’d give Snez 9.4 marks out of 10.

“I thought his answers were good but he could improve,” Eve joked in the episode.

Eve met the then-Bachelor during Hometowns Week. (Credit: Ten)

Sam’s message won the hearts of many Bachie fans who were reminded of the pair’s touching first meeting. 

“Aww Sam. I remember that episode on Bachelor. Such a nice one and the best season!! Love your journey. You are so lucky with your beautiful girls!!” one wrote.

“So beautiful !! and I remember that question she asked you in the park. Haha. What’s the capital of Macedonia ? Who would have thought you would end up in such a loving family. Best father Sam,” remarked another.

“Love following you and your beautiful family, you are an amazing father figure,” a third wrote.

Eve rung in her 16th birthday with a fun-filled party with her besites. 

“I never call myself Eve’s ‘step-dad’. I am Eve’s dad. That’s how I feel. That’s how I act.” (Credit: Instagram)

Sam, who is also dad to Willow, three, and Charlie, 22 months, clearly adores his family and remarked in 2019 that they met “under such ridiculous circumstances.”

In a chat with Now To Love, the fitness entrepreneur admitted: “It was this crazy world which they [Snezana and Eve] uprooted everything and came to Melbourne to live with me, but now we’re this family.”

Whilst he and Eve may not be related by blood, Sam stated that it doesn’t change his relationship with her.

“I never call myself Eve’s ‘step-dad’. I am Eve’s dad. That’s how I feel. That’s how I act.”

Couple goals! (Credit: Instagram)

Sam also penned a tribute to his wife Snezana.

The fitness guru shared a photo of himself along with his better half posing for the camera and captioned it: “hmmmm not sure where Evie gets her stunning looks @snezanawood.”

“Your love is so lovely,” remarked one fan.

“You are both lucky & an absolute stunning beautiful couple who love their family…” mused another.

Sama and Snez tied the knot in 2018 and celebrated their third wedding anniversary in December.

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