Sami Lukis on her “disastrous” dating life

The former TV host talks to ex boyfriend Pete Timbs for 'Who Are You'.

Pete Timbs interviewed a very familiar face on this week’s episode of WHO’s podcast Who Are You, his ex-girlfriend Sami Lukis.

The former Totally Wild host and Today show weather girl opened up to her ex love interest about the past 30 years of her “disastrous” dating life which led her to release relationship book, Romantically Challenged

“I seem to be a bit of a weirdo magnet,” the 48-year-old laughs as she tells Pete. 

When Pete suggested that maybe Sami was still single because she is ‘too picky’, Sami argues thats he is actually not picky enough.

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“I’ve ended up ins some long term relationships with some men I’ve wasted too much time on, and you’re excluded from that,” she explains. “For us it was just the wrong time, I love you dearly and we have fun.

“But for most of the relationships I’ve been in… I’m a type A personality and like most successful women you get into a relationship, realise it’s not right and you want to fix it and make it work. You hang in there thinking he will change… and unfortunately it took me a very long time to realise it never works that way.”

sami lukis pete timbs
Pete and Sami in 2001 (Credit: Getty)

Sami suggests that her ‘ticking biological clock’ was the reason why she tried to make things work in relationships she ultimately knew were destined to fail.

Because of her deep desire to become a mother, the former radio host went on a mission to ‘find a baby daddy’, as Pete puts it.

“Well that’s what I did unfortunately. So when I made a documentary Sami’s Baby, I had turned 40, come out of a serious relationship, my grandmother passed away, and it was that mid-life moment where I thought the best thing to do was check myself. I went to get my ovarian reserves tested to see how much time I had left to have a baby.”

The doctor told Sami, single at the time, that her fertility was in rapid decline and that she needed to start trying to have a baby right then. 

Sami talks more about her fertility struggles, relationship and career in the latest episode of Who Are You. To hear the full interview, listen below or subscribe on iTunes http://po.st/RxVC07 or OMNY http://po.st/SedGya

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