Scarlett Johansson admits she’s ‘barely holding it together’ as a working mum

The star open up about motherhood.
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Scarlett Johansson is opening up about the “incredible challenge” of maintaining her career while raising her 2-year-old daughter Rose Dorothy.

The gala marked the first time Johansson has stepped out at a major event since separating from her husband Romain Dauriac. Although the two have continued to appear in public together in recent months, Johansson brought an extra special date to the event: Her mother, Melanie Sloan.

The 32-year-old actress was candid about the perils of being a working mother in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday at amFAR’s annual New York gala – and she praised working moms for taking on the arduous task.

“I don’t profess to know anything about parenting, anything more than anybody else. [But] being a working mom is an incredible challenge, and it’s an incredible gift,” Johansson said.

Scarlett Johansson speaks onstage during the rally at the Women’s March in Washington. (Credit: Getty Images)

“I think you always feel a little bit of guilt … If you’re at work, you feel like you’re missing out on those special moments with your kid. If you’re with your kid, you feel like you’re not giving enough to your job. It’s a balance.”

She added: “I have a lot of huge admiration for working moms. I’m barely, barely holding it together.”

The actress gushed about her mother’s impact on her, telling ET that she “couldn’t imagine a better date tonight.”

Scarlett Johansson recently split from husband, Romain Dauriac. (Credit: Getty Images)

“I really couldn’t think of anybody else that I’d rather [have] with me here tonight,” she said of her mother. “[She’s] been incredibly inspiring for me in many, many ways, but certainly as a young girl.”

She spoke of her parents’ relationship, and how they struggled to maintain romance while raising Johansson and her siblings.

“My parents had started a weekly date night habit of going to the theater and dining at Joe Allen,” the actress said.

“A night out on the town was a rare luxury for my parents, who were probably trying to connect with one another and themselves, no small feat for parents of four living in NYC.”

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.com.

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