Shark Week is back! Here’s what to expect

Discovery Channel has another week of great documentaries about the most fearsome creatures in the sea

It’s the biggest week of the year on Discovery Channel, and Shark Week is back for 2018 from Thurs., Nov. 29. Just in time for the start of summer, take a chunk out of your schedule to dive into seven straight days of docos on the most fascinating beasts of the sea.

From the first bite, Ronda Rousey Uncaged (in which the MMA fighter free-dives with makos with the assistance of Australian shark expert Paul de Gelder), to the last, Air Jaws: Back from the Dead (new jaw-dropping footage of leaping sharks attacking seals), there are hours of programs each night.

Also included in the week-long special are intriguing cross-promotional stunts Shark Tank meets Shark Week, Naked and Afraid of Sharks and, cuteness alert, Great White Shark Babies!

Shark Week
In ‘Return of the Mega Shark’, the hunt for the largest great whites in the world heads to New Zealand. (Credit: Discovery)

Shark Week starts on Discovery Channel tonight at 7.30pm and continues all week.

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