Sophie Monk shares baby joy!

Sophie baby dreams are about to come true!
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She’s made no secret of her desire to start a family in the past, and now Sophie Monk and her boyfriend Joshua Gross are taking the steps to make it happen.

Two years after deciding to freeze her eggs, the actress – who recently starred as the dragonfly on the Masked Singer – is planning on undergoing embryo freezing.

“We both want a family so he’s all for it,” the 40-year-old said during a webinar with Monash IVF this week.

Joshua, 41, added: “I’m very supportive.”

Sophie admitted that freezing her eggs had eased some of the pressure she felt about growing older.

“I did it obviously because I want a family,” she said.

“You always think ”oh it’ll happen” and you’ll meet the right person. So I never really worried about it and I kind of hit 30 and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m still cool’ and then I blinked and I was nearly 40 and I was like, ‘Oh, God.’ Before you know it time’s gone.”

She also explained why she didn’t freeze her embryos earlier.

“I didn’t have the right partner, now I do and I’d like to do that. I’d love to try and have one,” she said. “It’s just peace of mind me knowing that it’s there.” 

The former Bachelorette recently revealed to Studio 10 that she’s “deadset in love” with Joshua.

“I think I’ve been shouting it everywhere,” she told the panel.

However, when co-host Sarah Harris asked if there were wedding bells on the horizon, she joked that she was getting desperate.

“He hasn’t asked me to marry him yet…” she said. “I’d take an onion ring at this point.”

The couple, who met back on a flight to LA in 2018, recently celebrated their two year anniversary. No stranger to engaging in PDA on social media, they each penned adorable love notes on their respective accounts to mark the occasion.

“Thanks for making the first move ✈️😘 Happy anniversary kiddo❤️👸
@sophiemonk,” Joshua captioned a selfie of the pair.

“Happy anniversary @joshuargross I can’t believe you’ve put up with me for 2 years. 😂I love you so much and you’re my best friend in the world… I can’t wait to marry you (hint hint) 😜❤️,” Sophie wrote. 

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