Aaron Pedersen Reflects on Special Connection to His New Role in High Country

"It is who we are and it is what we are."
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Gripping eight-part thriller, High Country, follows Detective Andie Whitford (played by Leah Purcell), who is transferred to the Victorian bush to solve a baffling case involving five missing people who vanished in the wilderness.

WHO talks to Aaron Pedersen about the series and his character, park ranger Owen Cooper, who helps Andie connect to Country and her Aboriginal heritage. 

What attracted you to this role?

It was nice not to play a copper for a change. When I was offered the role, I came on board with great enthusiasm because I loved the character and being able to head out into Country and do projects in the vast wilderness where there is a very fine line between beauty and beast.

Aaron Pedersen-in-new-tv-show-high-country
Pedersen plays park ranger Owen Cooper on the new series (Credit: Binge) (Credit: Binge)

How was it working so closely with Leah?

This was the first time I’ve worked with her and it was a great experience.

She is full of beans and keeps us all on task. But she also wants to make great television and share serious stories with the Australian audiences. 

That is what we get to do this generation thanks to all the [Indigenous] pioneers that went before us, who didn’t get to tell stories in this way.

Now, we get to tell our stories in our way, through our eyes, and are sharing it with an audience who I truly believe have been hungry for it for a long time.

Pedersen’s character helps Purcell’s Andie Whitford connect with her culture. (Credit: Binge) (Credit: Binge)

Country is an important theme in the show and it is personally important to you. But what does Country mean to you?

It is who we are and it is what we are. We belong to the Earth, not the other way around.

There is one Country and there is one race, called the human race.

It doesn’t matter where it is, I love that there is so much Country to explore and that means travelling and meeting people who speak different languages and eating different food, and we can all learn from each other.

The series is set in the Victorian Alps, the perfect backdrop for the story to unfold (Credit: Binge) (Credit: Binge)

The show is beautiful to look at. Where did you film?

We were really in some beautiful Country.

We mainly filmed in Jamieson and Mount Buller. But we also got out to see some of the sights in Kevington and Mansfield.

Where can I watch High Country in Australia?

Stream High Country on BINGE for $10/month with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here. 


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