EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelors’ Tash exposes the show’s fake scandal

"10/10 acting from those girls."
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It’s not officially Bachelor season until someone gets a villain edit. There was Laurina Fleure’s “dirty street pie” fiasco, Keira Maguire calling her co-stars “peasants”, and Abbie Chatfield being labelled a sex-obsessed siren for daring to kiss Matt Agnew on a beach. Ahh, memories.

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This year, for The Bachelors 2023, the coveted ‘villain’ title has been earned by 31-year-old Tash Candyce.

The moniker was cemented after she told her bachie, Jed, about Jessica’s open relationship… and then exposed Jasmine’s OnlyFans to the group.

And yet, according to the villain, the OF wasn’t as big of a secret as it seemed on screen.


Tash is this year’s Bachelor villian. (Credit: Ten)

“To be honest, all the girls knew about (Jasmine) having an OnlyFans account, so 10/10 acting from those girls,” Tash tells WHO exclusively, adding that she doesn’t regret mentioning it in a group setting.  

“I didn’t bring it up to Jed. Everyone knew about it. So that’s that,” she ends.

Despite the reality star being happy with the way she is being portrayed on screen, saying that “everyone knows (her) name,” Tash reveals that her real-life persona is a bit different.

“Deep down I’m pretty funny and, you know, humble; but on camera I’m a villain.”

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Tash claims all the girls knew about Jasmine’s (right) OnlyFans. (Credit: Ten)

On the show, Tash has been pitted against 24-year-old Jasmine who, last night, jumped ships from Jed’s team to Thomas’. But the villian isn’t convinced her intentions are pure.

“I feel like she’s just trying to stay in the house to get a rose because obviously Jed and I have a great connection and she couldn’t compete with that,” Tash tells WHO.

She adds that Jasmine was “the most difficult person to get along with in the house”.

“She was like blow fly that just wouldn’t leave me alone.”

“She was like blow fly that just wouldn’t leave me alone,” Tash says about Jasmine. (Credit: Ten)

The 31-year-old also confirms that she hasn’t patched things up with Jasmine or Jess, even saying “who?” when we ask about them.

Having already appeared on the show First Dates, during which she went on what she deems, her “worst date” yet, Tash confesses she’s “absolutely” keen to do more reality television.

“I won’t say no. Just depends what it is. Even, not reality. Even some shows. Hit me up. You’ve got to talk to my PR,” she laughs.

The Bachelors airs 7.30 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on 10 and 10 play.

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