Tilly and Gordon Ramsay’s precious father-daughter bond

Taking on Celebrity MasterChef, the youngster is taking after her famous dad.
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While we wait to find out if Tilly Ramsay has inherited her father Gordon Ramsay’s cooking skills on Celebrity MasterChef Australia, one thing we can confirm is that their father-daughter bond is unbreakable.

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TV chef Gordon may be known for his f-bomb tendencies and stern demeanour in the kitchen, but from his work on MasterChef Junior, it’s clear that he is a total softie when it comes to kids.

As a dad of six, the 54-year-old frequently shares pictures and videos of his brood on Instagram, but it’s his fourth child Tilly who appears to love cooking the most.

Gordon Ramsay Tilly Ramsay
Tilly shared this sweet picture to celebrate the UK’s Father’s Day (Credit: Instagram)

Born on November 8 2001, Tilly may be young but she’s already proved being a whizz in the kitchen is in her genes.

Just like her dad, she has starred on cooking shows and written a cookbook called Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover.

So, before Australia finds out how well Tilly can cook on Celebrity MasterChef, here is a look inside her sweet and hilarious relationship with her iconic dad.

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What have Tilly Ramsay and Gordon Ramsay said about each other?

In an interview with The Irish Sun, Tilly confessed that she’s a “daddy’s girl,” and Gordon is “hard on the outside but soft on the inside.”

In the vein of many British families, in a feature by the Daily Mail, the journalist interviewing Tilly and Gordon reported on a hilarious moment between the two.

Gordon asked his daughter, “What’s it like being the daughter of the best chef in the world?”

Quick as a flash, Tilly turned around and savaged her father by sparring, “Jamie Oliver’s not my Dad!’

Of course, Gordon took the smart whip comment well and laughed along with his daughter.

But Tilly wasn’t done just yet.

‘Who’s the best cook? Definitely me!’ she announced. “Dad’s the sous chef, I’m the head chef. He likes to steal my recipes, too, so I don’t tell him what my secret ingredients are.”

Gordon Ramsay Tilly Ramsay
The duo have shared the small screen together plenty of times (Credit: Instagram)

Have Tilly Ramsay and Gordon Ramsay collaborated?

The father and daughter have worked on cooking shows together, and Tilly has made guests appearances on some of Gordon’s most famous series.

From 2010 to 2015, Tilly appeared on her dad’s shows MasterChef Junior and Hell’s Kitchen.

Then in 2018, the pair took their banter-filled relationship to ITV for the show This Morning, a regular cooking segment called Big Chef Little Chef.

For Tilly’s 16th birthday party, she made a special appearance on her dad’s 18th season of Hell’s Kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay Tilly Ramsay young
Tilly is a self-professed “Daddy’s girl.” (Credit: Instagram)

Does Tilly Ramsay like Gordon Ramsay’s cooking?

Well, while she doesn’t dislike her dad’s cooking, if she had to choose who makes dinner in the Ramsay house, she would likely ask her mum, cookery book author, Tana Ramsay, to take the helm.

Oh, and Tilly hasn’t kept this hard truth a secret from her dad… ouch!

The internet went crazy when Gordon appeared on Tilly’s TikTok to take on the This or That trend.

In the video, the duo had to choose between “mum’s cooking” or “dad’s cooking” and while Gordon chose his own skills for the win, his daughter weaved between the two before walking through her mum’s option.

Watch Tilly choose her mum’s cooking over her dad’s below.

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But this wasn’t the last time Tilly made her controversial point. In another TikTok video, she played Ciara’s song Got Me Good while she unenthusiastically danced in the background while Gordon stirred a pot on the stove.
She captioned this part of the video, “When dad says he’s cooking dinner….”
The TikTok flips to a clip of her mum cooking on the stove while Tilly dances excitedly, and the words “VS. When mum says she’s cooking dinner” appear on the screen.
Watch more of their TikTok fun in the video below.
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Of course, the father and daughter pair have shared plenty of wholesome moments, and for Father’s Day 2021, Tilly shared a sweet message dedicated to Gordon.
“Happy Father’s Day Dad!! I couldn’t ask for a better dad and best friend!!Thanks for all of your support and love, I don’t know where I would be without you!! Wish I could be there today but hope you have the best day!! ❤️❤️ @gordongram,” she wrote.

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