Home and Away’s Tim Franklin on his amazing body transformation

The actor shares how he transformed his body and mind.
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Flipping through his upcoming Home and Away scripts, actor Tim Franklin realised that his role as police Constable Colby Thorne was about to get physical.

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“We’re in the warehouse and just kicking down doors, and chasing guys all day,” he told tells WHO of gearing up to shoot the Channel Seven show’s more action-packed scenes. “When you’ve got to do that five times, six times where you’re sprinting like 200 metres before you have to spit out the words it’s exhausting!”

To cope, he teamed up with celebrity transformation coaches Chief Brabon and his wife Emilie Brabon-Hames to get serious about training. The pair have previously finessed the famous forms of Rodger Corser, Guys Sebastian, James Stewart and Osher Günsberg.

Now, a fitter than ever Franklin, 29, tells WHO about how the workouts helped with his career, the importance of a clear mind and the next conquest in his sights.

Look at those abs! (Credit: Peter Brew-Bevan)

What prompted this health overhaul?

I’ve been doing a lot of early mornings. I’ll do a boot camp down on Coogee Beach [in Sydney], and I’ll train in the SKWOD gym with Chief and Ems. They’re very into just using your wholebody in the most natural way. It’s a combination of cardio, weights and floor exercises. Each class is different, you never do the same class, but you’ll do half an hour on the treadmill and then half an hour floor, with a bit of rowing and weights in between. It’s like high-intensity training.

Did you do any training on your own?

Coming from the Gold Coast [Queensland], I am an aquatic creature, so I surf, snorkel, get down into the water and just swim and run. I also hike long distances. A couple of years ago, my friends and I did a big hike through the Himalayas, so anytime I can get out to the Blue Mountains [NSW] for a hike, that’s fun.

Hottie alert! (Credit: Peter Brew-Bevan)

What about your diet?

Diet-wise was a slow change for me. Chief and Ems put me onto a meal plan, and just showed me different alternatives to what I was eating. I was more mindful with what I was putting into my body. I’d have my basic meats and then just pile vegetables lots of vegies. It made a difference with my energy levels because I do such long days on set. 

Did you cut anything out, like alcohol?

I wasn’t drinking a lot. I’d have the occasional slip-up, which we all do.

How are you feeling now?

Great! Before I used to struggle to run long distances but now I run 5km to 10km before I was struggling to get to 5km.

He’s fitter than ever! (Credit: Peter Brew-Bevan)

How else has it changed your life?

I’m just sleeping better and am more focused. My other big psychological anchor is meditation. After physical exertion, I’ll have a little sauna, I chill out, I have a stretch, and then I’ll come home and sitting in that place, in my meditation, my thoughts are so much clearer. My inner dialogue is just a lot crisper after doing something like that.

That’s fantastic. Did you anticipate that?

No, I didn’t. My meditations were always as they as they should bequite difficult. But I think after doing something to your body it just relaxes the mind and everything is in sync. I believe mediation is just as important as physical exercise.

How did you learn?

From my dad. As a kid, we’d sneak into his room, and he’d be there meditating. I think at the time he was doing a lot of chanting and stuff. We were like, “Whoa, what is this?” My dad initially taught me, but I probably didn’t start until I was about 18 or 19. 

That smile! (Credit: Peter Brew-Bevan)

What advice do you have for people who are wanting to make a change?

Do what you enjoy. If you love swimming, make that your thing. If you love running, run. You’ve got to enjoy it first and foremost and have good people around you. I sometimes trained with [Home and Away castmates] Jimmy [Stewart], Sarah [Roberts] and Sophie [Dillman]. If you’ve got a cool crew, it’s not really that much work. It’s just fun. So do what you love. That’s the most important thing for me.

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