Kerri-Anne Kennerley breaks down in tears during TV interview

Just heartbreaking to watch
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An emotional and fragile Kerri-Anne Kennerley was reduced to floods of tears during a heartbreaking interview with a disabled war veteran on Monday morning’s Studio 10.

Watch Kerri-Anne’s emotional breakdown:

The beloved TV personality broke down as she listened to former soldier Garry Robinson – who had one of his legs amputated after being seriously injured in Afghanistan – explain how the Invictus Games had helped him rebuild his confidence.

The segment clearly hit home for Kerri, 65, who lost husband of 35-years, John, 78 just two months ago after he spent the last few years of his life in a wheelchair following a tragic accident.


Becoming more and more distressed as Garry told his story, a devastated Kerri apologised: ‘I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!’.

‘I’m so sorry. But I just know how painful everything must have been for you and your family,’ Kerri-Anne said, referring to Garry’s disability.


At that point, Natasha Belling interrupted to explain Kerri’s emotional outburst.

‘It is important to mention that you’ve had an insight in the terrible tragedy with losing John,’ she explained.

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