Natalie Barr opens up about ‘the worst day of her life’

The 'Sunrise' star gets incredibly candid.

Natalie Barr has opened up about the heartbreaking loss of her father.  

The Sunrise star lost her father, Jim, to a heart attack 17 years ago.

Speaking to Stellar, the 50-year-old described it as “the worst day of her life”.

‘It was the worst day of my life; it was horrific,’ she told the publication.

‘I don’t want to stop crying, because I feel like then I’ll forget him.’ she added.

Barr said she honours her father’s memory come Father’s Day.

‘My husband is the same as Dad — he does love a very good red wine — and we’ll say, “This one’s for Jim.” He loved very good champagne, too, so it’s a very good excuse to have a couple of drinks.’

This article originally appeared on New Idea

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