New genre-bending UK series ‘Wedding Season’ is dropping in Australia sooner than you think

A bit of rom-com, a bit of crime, and a bit of everything in between.
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As we enter the season of love, it’s only natural that this timely new series from the UK, Wedding Season, will be hitting our screens next month. And like most weddings… we’re not ready for what this series will throw at us. 

WATCH: Wedding Season Series Trailer

If you’re after a pick-me-up after the countless wedding invites that have been flying through the door or filling up your inboxes, we have the perfect streaming pick for you. Wedding Season is an action-packed rom-com that will have you on the edge of your seat in one second to cry-laughing in the other. 

So, if you’re ready to discover your next binge-worthy rom-com, read on for everything you need to know about Wedding Season including where and when to watch it in Australia.

(Credit: Jax Media / Disney+)

What is ‘Wedding Season’ about?

Taking “until death do us part” to a whole new meaning, it’s Katie’s (Rosa Salazar) wedding day, and she is surrounded by the dead bodies of her husband and his entire family. Katie’s lover, Stefan (read: not her dead husband), is the prime suspect, while Stefan (Gavin Drea) believes Katie is actually the one responsible. 

In this eight-episode-long series we follow the unlikely pair as they go on the run, all while trying to figure out the truth to prove their innocence.

The twist? No one is sure what the truth is. 

(Credit: Jax Media / Disney+)

Where can I watch ‘Wedding Season’ in Australia?

Wedding Season will be available to stream exclusively on Disney+ in Australia.

When can I watch ‘Wedding Season’ in Australia?

To coincide with the streaming site’s annual celebration, Disney+ Day, Wedding Season is set to grace our screens come September 8. 

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