Who is the All New Monty’s hunk Tom Derickx?

He looks good with his shirt off, that's for sure.
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We’re about to see a whole bunch of Aussie celebs take their kit off for The All New Monty but there’s one figure who has certainly caught our eyes.

WATCH BELOW: Sneak peek at The All New Monty

Former AFL player and model Tom Derickx is stripping off to raise awareness of men’s and women’s cancers and he spoke about his experience on The Morning Show this week.

And whilst his modelling career means he’s no stranger to being in front of a camera, Tom admitted that he found The All New Monty process daunting even though he learned a lot about himself.

“We put a lot of smiles on people’s faces, and I met some great people – so it was a ball,” Tom admitted.

“It was a ball,” Tom said of his Full Monty experience. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Born and raised in Western Australia, Tom wasn’t a massive fan of the sport he’d go on to play professionally for teams including Richmond Tigers and the Sydney Swans.

“I grew up playing footy, but it wasn’t my passion. I loved it – don’t get me wrong – but even playing in the state league [the WAFL] is a long shot if you’re from Dunsborough,” he told David Jones.

“I spent a lot of time surfing and when I wasn’t doing that, music was my thing. I picked up my first guitar in high school and was hooked; I just wanted to keep making noise in my room.”

Following his retirement from AFL, Tom then launched his music career as a DJ and is one half of duo KAYEX with his longtime friend and musical partner Palassi Kailis.

From the AFL field to the studio: Tom is now a DJ and model, (Credit: Instagram)

Tom is also passionate about mental health and has spoken openly about his struggles with depression in the past.

“I moved away from home, I was homesick, I had a few injuries along the way and I didn’t know too much about the issue,” he told The Daily Telegraph in 2019.

“I had no energy and sometimes struggled to get a deep breath but I just put it down to training a lot. It was more the lack of energy, the lack of excitement for what I was doing that worried me.

“I was living a pretty amazing lifestyle and my mood didn’t reflect that.”

Tom is also an ambassador for R U OK and shared a moving post on R U OK Day 2020.

“Vulnerability is something I’m big on and I think it’s contagious. Be proud of your imperfections and vulnerabilities. Let’s break the stigma and have some honest, ongoing chats,” he wrote on Instagram.

As for his romantic life, Tom’s last known girlfriend was high-profile model Megan Blake Irwin, who previously dated Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick.

Tom was also previously rumoured to be dating Victoria’s Secret models Shanina Shaik and Gigi Hadid, who he met through his agency IMG Models.

In 2015, Tom and Gigi climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge together with some colleagues, fuelling romance rumours. But now she’s expecting her first child with Zayn Malik, that ship has sailed.

Tom and Gigi Hadid go way back. (Credit: Instagram)

Tom’s taking it all off for The All New Montyand we doubt there will be many complaints from his fans.

Below are some of our favourite modelling shots for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


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