Spritz and save with these es-scent-ial affordable perfumes

Saving over splurging any day.

Finding your own signature scent is a journey – to say the least. Perhaps you gravitate towards sweet vanillas, or maybe you’re a fan of the warm and woody scents instead. One thing is for sure, a spritz of your favourite scent will set the mood for the entire day (or night).


Scent is a personal journey – and at that, it’s also closely linked to memory. A whiff of an old bottle you haven’t touched in a while will send you straight down memory lane. Maybe it evokes the memories of the sweet days of your last European holiday, the time you had your first kiss, or with one spritz and your favourite moments of your wedding day are instantly playing in your head.

So, when the stakes are inevitably quite high, finding a perfume you love is a hard task alone. Finding a scent that you love *and* is affordable? It seems a bit too good to be true. However, to help you find your next go-to perfume, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the best affordable perfumes (that smell expensive) that you need in your collection asap.

The best affordable perfumes to buy in Australia 2024


Who Is Elijah HIS | HER, $159, Adore Beauty

If you’re looking for an endlessly wearable scent, this gender-neutral eau de parfum by Australian brand, Who Is Elijah, will hit the spot.

With comforting and clean head notes of bergamot, violet leaf and cardamon, soft florals and fir needle that make up the heart of this scent, and hints sensual and warm sandalwood, cashmere musk, amber and oudh as the perfect base notes – Who Is Elijah’s HIS | HER is a cult-fav that is worth adding to your scent collection.


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Goldfield & Banks SUNSET HOUR perfume travel spray 10ml, $46, Adore Beauty

If fun and fruity is your forte, you mustn’t overlook the Goldfield & Banks Sunset Hour perfume. With delicious notes of mandarin, desert peach, jasmine, coconut and sandalwood – all packaged in a handy travel size – it’ll be part of your everyday tote essential.



L’Occitane Verbena EDT, $89, THE ICONIC

L’Occitane’s range of fragrances have been a mainstay in bathroom counters and vanities for decades – and with good reason. Their EDTs are irresistibly affordable and the Verbena scent in particular is where our heart lies. With notes of Mediterranean verbena mingle mixed with hints of geranium and lemon tree, we’re spritzing this for any occasion.  



Bon Parfumeur 401, $75 at Sephora

Sweet vanilla, plum and cinnamon make up this delicious scent by Bon Parfumeur. Create a wardrobe of Bon Parfumeur fragrances so you can mix and match to create your own signature scent, or choose one to use as your daily go-to – we have our eyes set on the 401.


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By Rosie Jane Leila Lou EDP, $114 at Sephora

Spritz on the wrists and collarbone and you’ll be met with a field of flowers. With notes of pear, jasmine and freshly cut grass rounding out this scent you’ll be transported to a summer evening basking in the sun.



AYU White Oudh perfume oil, $90 at THE ICONIC

Aimed at balancing the mind, AYU’s White Oudh perfume oil is an iridescent woody scent blended using the foundations of traditional ancient Indian Ayuverdic knowledge. Feel a sense of calm with each drop.


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