What we know about Anna Paul’s new skincare line

Excited is the understatement of the century
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Anna Paul is undeniably one of Australia’s most prominent online personalities. At only 24 years old the Aussie has amassed over 7.2 million followers on Tik Tok, 2.5 million Instagram followers and is in the top 0.01% of OnlyFans creators. 

Now, the Queensland-based creator has her eyes set on a new venture: Skincare. 

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What is Paullie Skin by Anna Paul?

Since announcing the skincare line just, the new brand aptly titled Paullie has garnered over 176k Instagram followers. 

Details are still sparse, but fans of Anna Paul know she has been teasing a “secret project” for months now, and it’s clear despite the lack of details, followers of Anna are ready for the “Australian made, vegan and cruelty-free” line of products created by Anna Paul. 

The release of Paullie Skincare will include four products: The Calm Cleanser, The Rest Hydrating Serum, The Daydream Moisturiser and the Take Time Clay Mask. 

Replying to TikTok comments, Anna also revealed that she wanted the line to be “affordable,” with each product priced under $30. The items will be available to buy individually, or in a set which includes a free headband. 

(Credit: Instagram)

“My first brand is finally here!” Anna wrote on the brand account’s first post to Instagram alongside a photo of four blurred-out products. “Welcome to the world of Paullie.”

“I have always loved skincare and for a long time struggled with my skin. I’ve tried and tested so many different products and when the opportunity came up to literally create my own I was so excited.”

“I’ve been personally using and testing these products for over a year now and the difference they have made on my skin has been incredible.”


When will Paullie by Anna Paul be released? 

Since announcing the launch of her brand in late August, Anna Paul has kept details pretty sparse, but she did share a link to the waitlist for fans to gain early access to shop the line on September 10. Sign up here.

(Credit: Instagram)

How much will Paullie by Anna Paul cost? 

We don’t know the products or the cost yet! We’ll update you as soon as we know. 

(Credit: Instagram)

Anna’s latest business venture comes just weeks after she revealed to fans she and her long-term partner Glen had broken up. 

“It was a mutual break up,” she said in a short video. “You know, we’ve been together since we were 16 or 15 and now we’re 24.”

“And I know that my relationship is a relationship that you guys look up to…And we still love each other so much. And that’s what it is, that’s what’s happened.”

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