Did Bachelorette Becky get a post break-up hair makeover?

"I got new hair... swipe... hbu?"
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Rumours are a’buzzing that Bachelorette Becky Miles has already split with her predicted winner. And if that’s the case, her new hairdo is the ultimate post break-up flex.

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Taking to Instagram on Monday, 30-year-old Becky shared two selfies showing off her choppy layers and fresh blonde colour,

“I got new hair… swipe… hbu?” she cheekily captioned the snaps.

Fans showered her with compliments in the comments section, praising her “gorgeous” new do.

“A Blonde GODDESS!!!” one exclaimed.

“You look absolutely stunning,” penned another.

However, one fan hinted that she and her chosen winner, presumed to be cafe owner Pete Mann, broke up shortly after filming the finale, and offered their sympathy.

“Google f***ing ruined it for me, literally told me you and Pete broke up 3 days ago, sorry for your break up! I don’t know who Elly ends up with tho!” the fan wrote.

Becky’s new hair garnered plenty of compliments from fans. (Credit: Instagram)
Is it a new style following her rumoured break up? (Credit: Instagram)

Becky’s new do comes after it was rumoured that she and Pete failed to overcome their long-distance relationship.

A source told The Wash“Pete doesn’t ever want to leave Adelaide and Becky never wants to leave Newcastle, it’s as simple as that really.”

What’s more, the publication previously uncovered that Becky’s personal Facebook page says that her relationship status is single which is worth taking note of seeing as Becky regularly updates her social media page and shared that she was “in a relationship” when she and her ex-boyfriend are still together.

“Pete doesn’t ever want to leave Adelaide and Becky never wants to leave Newcastle, it’s as simple as that really.” (Credit: Ten)

Whilst sister Elly admitted to being head over heels for her chosen guy, Becky was a little more coy ahead of the show’s premiere and gave a bit more of an awkward answer when Life Uncut podcast hosts Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley asked if she’d found love.

“I wouldn’t say love! But I’m definitely in a happy place, so… I feel like the road to love is a bit of a journey right? And I just want that time on the outside to just get to know my person, and have fun and just do real life.”

In a chat with WhoBecky didn’t mention her man and instead turned the focus to Elly’s budding romance, remarking that she’s “never seen Elly so smitten.”

Could Becky and Pete be over before they even began?

Becky appears to be single. (Credit: Ten)

Fans are pretty certain that Becky chooses Pete in the finale, plus he’s the bookies’ favourite at 1.15 odds.

Elly’s chosen winner, however, is rumoured to be 28-year-old Frazer Neate, but don’t expect him to get down on one knee at the finale.

“I think it’s too early to know if Elly is the one for me, but she’s a really nice person,” he told New Idea.

“If I win Elly’s heart, I wouldn’t propose at the end because I feel as if it would be too early.”

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