Warm up your senses with these 9 cosy autumnal perfumes

Fall in love with these delicious scents.
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Daylight savings has ended, the weather is finally starting to cool (sort of) and leaves are turning yellow and starting to fall – which only means one thing, autumn is officially here. 

Although we are sad to say goodbye to beach days and warm weather, we can’t wait to get fully into the seasonal cosy vibes and embrace all things autumn

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There are a lot of things to love about autumn, from comfy dressing to delectable seasonal cooking.

However if you are trying to get into the spirit of the season, it’s time to swap over your summer scents of fruit and florals to the deeper, warmer notes of autumn. Because what feels more autumnal than being wrapped up in your favourite coat, tea in hand, curled up to watch tv and cocooned in warm, mellow scents of amber, musk and tobacco? Nothing! 

This season we are going full-throttle autumn vibes, looking for rich, deep, complex scents with a range of notes that feel oh-so-cosy. 

Want to ensure your scents stay on all day and all night long even through thick layers? Australian perfume label Who is Elijah‘s Founder and Creative Director, Raquel Bouris, suggests “[spritzing] your fragrance of choice onto your pulse points to diffuse the scent across your body.”

“This includes your neck, wrists, behind your knees, the bend of your elbows and your ankles”, she advises. 

Looking for your new signature autumn fragrance? Read on to find our top picks and suggestions to shop this season. 

The best autumn perfumes and fragrances to shop in 2023 

(Credit: Goldfield & Banks)

Goldfield & Banks Island Lush, $310, a-beauty

If you’re not quite ready to give up the scents of summer but want to transition over to warmer fragrances, this deep and spicy perfume from Goldfield & Banks is the perfect combo. It has those typically autumnal notes of sandalwood, leather and cedarwood with light, fresh, tropical scents of ginger and bergamot. 


(Credit: Who Is Elijah)

Who Is Elijah Haze eau de parfum, $159, Sephora

Picture a dimly lit bar on a date night, smoky and woody scents mingled with lighter notes of orange blossom and seductive vanilla – that is this perfume. It’s sweet and smoky yet not too heavy. 


(Credit: Lumira)

Lumira Arabian Oud, $121.50 (usually $135), a-beauty

Want to embody the mysterious, sophisticated woman this autumn? Look no further than this luxurious scent from Lumira with notes of rose, oud and sandalwood. 


(Credit: BDK)

BDK Rouge Smoking, $319, Adore Beauty

An alluring combination of bright cherry, citrus and peppery scents alongside deeper black vanilla and cashmeran notes to create a sensual olfactory experience. 


(Credit: Gucci)

Gucci Beauty Bloom Ambrosia Di Fiori, $270, Sephora

While the Gucci Bloom fragrance was a winner during spring, this rich take on the scent offers a richer alternative for cooler months. Damascena rose and Velvety Orris are stand out scents to search for. 


(Credit: Jo Malone)

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir, $234, Myer

If you are a fan of fruity scents and want to find the perfect autumnal alternative, this rich cologne from Jo Malone is dark and mysterious yet not heavy thanks to the top note of pomegranate. 


(Credit: Yves Saint Laurent)

Black Opium, $252, Yves Saint Laurent

Combining the seasonal scents of coffee, vanilla and cedarwood with white flours and orange blossom, Black Opium is a electrifying punk rock scent for the modern woman. 


(Credit: Aesop)

Eidesis, $220, Aesop

This androgynous scent from Aesop is the perfect autumn fragrance to suit all styles. Enjoy fresh, scents of black pepper and woody cedar and sink into deeper notes of sandalwood, amber frankincense and cedar as the day goes on. 


(Credit: Maison Margiela)

Maison Margiela Replica Autumn Vibes, $202.60, Fresh Beauty Co

It’s hard to write about autumn perfumes without including this scent from Maison Margiela. Inspired by the very essence of autumn there is hardly a better perfume to try, although we do also love By The Fireplace for a warm, woody alternative. 


LEAD IMAGE: Getty /Olga Efimova / EyeEm

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