Snezana Wood debuts facial tattoos in surprise video

She's gone full Post Malone?
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Snezana Wood has undergone a dramatic makeover on camera, taking fans along to see the moment she had her eyebrows tattooed on.

WATCH: Snezana Wood gets her eyebrows tattooed in microblading session

The Bachelor star announced her plans to have her brows enhanced with a microblading appointment on Friday, only to be delayed by daughter Harper.

“Was finally about to get a pair of eyebrows tattooed on my face when… Harper decided she needed an extra feed right when I parked the car,” the new mum wrote.

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She shared two photos of herself breastfeeding, as well as several snaps revealing she also had to do a nappy change before Harper was finally ready to let mum get to her appointment.

Snezana Wood headed to her appointment, only for Harper to cause a fuss right as she arrived. (Credit: Instagram)

Once she was in the chair, Snezana showed her microblading artist measuring the outlines of her new brows before getting to work.

“Double chins are in!” she jokingly captioned one snap before sharing photos from the tattooing process itself.

Microblading involves tattooing tiny, fine lines onto the brow area to give the appearance of fuller brows and often comes with a healthy dose of discomfort.

But Snezana underwent the procedure without any anaesthetic, revealing in one Instagram Story: “No anaesthetic because I’m breastfeeding. Tough it out!”

This cheeky snap showed the artist pencilling in the borders of Snez’s new brows. (Credit: Instagram)

She then revealed the incredible final results, showing off her perfectly arched and sculpted new brows in a video.

“Hello amazing new brows,” she captioned the clip, tagging Melbourne-based brow artist Allison Jade.

Though the stunning mum-of-four hardly needs any work done, she was refreshingly honest about enhancing her features with a little brow touch-up.

With more influencers than ever undergoing cosmetic procedures to keep them looking fresh, fans are calling stars to be honest about what they get done to avoid perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards.

The finished product looked amazing. (Credit: Instagram)

But earlier this week she had fans in a frenzy for a very different reason, as she and Sam Wood sparked rumours they were expecting again.

After revealing that they’d delayed their honeymoon for a second time following Harper’s birth, Snezana joked: “Every time we say, ‘let’s finally go on our honeymoon!’, I find out we are pregnant again.”

Moments after writing that on Instagram, her husband commented, “Are we pregnant again???”

They’re not (yet!) but his comment still sent fans wild for a moment.

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